How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo after reset.

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Staff March 9, 2015

To Fix this follow the steps:
Step 1:Hard power off of your device by holding the home & power button together for 7-10 seconds, once you get a complete black screen wait a couple of seconds to make sure it doesn’t boot back up automatically.
Step 2: Make sure the Device is powered off. Now we need to put it into “recovery mode” keep Holding the home button then plug in your device into your lightning/30 pin connector that’s connected to your computer, continue to hold the home button after its plugged in until you see the recovery mode screen on your device.
Step 3: Now Since your device is now in recovery mode iTunes will “prompt you that it has detected it in recovery mode” and you need restore your device.
Note: if you have no backup for it you will lose everything, apps, music, photo’s etc. Step
4: After a fresh restore on your device your issue with stuck apple logo will be fixed.


Try to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo in DFU Mode:
1. connect the iPhone to the USB Cable and open iTunes
2. turn off the iPhone
3. press and hold Sleep/Power and Home button for 10 seconds
4. release the Sleep/Power button but keep Home pressed
5. iTunes should recognize an iPhone in recovery mode


The first method that users want to try may be resetting the device. People need to hold the Sleep/Wake button and the home button at the mean until you see the Apple logo again, and then release the button. This simple method may be helpful when your iPhone get stuck on Apple logo by mistake.
But some iPhone users get no luck when they try the method above, they only get the loops between the black screen and the Apple logo. At this moment, the users will need to restore their iPhone with the computer. The following guidance will show you how to do it.

  1. Turn off iPhone. If you can’t turn it off, just hold the Sleep/Wake button and the home button at the mean time for a few seconds.
  2. Plug your iPhone into computer via the USB cable, and hold the home button when you connect iPhone to computer.
  3. When you see the “Connect to iTunes” screen, release the home button. If you don’t see the screen, just repeat the steps above for another time.
  4. Then you will get the notice: “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore it before it can be used with iTunes”.
  5. Then restore iPhone with iTunes.

If your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo, this method may also be useful. But sometimes you may only enter the recovery mode by mistake. At this moment, you can restart your iPhone to exit the recovery mode, or wait for 15 minutes, and then the device will exit the recovery mode itself. Of course, iTunes will erase all the contents and settings on your iPhone after you restored the device. You may lose the newly added data in your iPhone, and you will have to restore the iPhone with the backup.


Oh , don’t worry, i also encountered this problem before ,
Here is my approach about how to fix iphone stuck on apple logo  


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