I Forgot Apple ID & I Forgot Icloud Security Questions

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Staff August 28, 2015

Forgot Apple password?
Go to My Apple ID and select Reset your password, and enter your Apple id and you will receive email with reset password instructions.
Forgot AppleId?
Go to https://iforgot.apple.com/appleid and enter your first name and last name and email, hit next you will see your appleId.
Forgot security questions?
Go to http://appleid.apple.com
Click on Manage your Apple ID.
Log in to your Apple ID using your current username and password.
Now click on Password and Security in the left-hand column.
Choose new security questions and type in answers you will remember.
Click on Save at the bottom.
If you can’t reset your security questions
Contact apple support


Apple may ask you to generate a temporary support PIN to verify your identity.


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