Big data analytics is halfway through its journey, offering numerous career opportunities and applications. If your career or employment objectives are headed towards data science, then this is the right time to hone your skillsets in the same direction, by obtaining a data science certification.

Any professional who has worked in the domain of information technology knows that how difficult it gets to keep-up with the constantly emerging tools and technologies. This becomes particularly true for anyone today whose job involves handling business analysis, business intelligence and big data.

We certainly can’t tell you which data science certification to choose-since it strictly depends on several factors comprising your work situation and career goals. But, we can simply provide a list of the best certifications and best blogs available out there to stay updated-


Designed for individuals looking to gain basic understanding in programming languages by learning how to analyze and collect big data in SAS. Considered one among the best big data certifications, it focuses on accessing, manipulating, transforming leveraging SAS programming skills.


It provides myriad resources for IT executives, managers and professionals to learn about the latest applications of advanced technology in the data science industry. The community of big data practitioners, customers, advisors and educators across the globe gets benefitted from the Dataversity’s discussions, webinars, certifications, conferences, news feeds, articles among others.


DASCA devises, builds and researches platform-independent standards, credentials and frameworks. By certifying individuals already working or entering the world of big data, it offers various big data certifications for big data scientists, big data engineers and big data analysts including Associate Big Data Analyst (ABDA), Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE), etc.

4)       KDnuggets-

Offering many tutorials covering almost everything from data visualization to processes and applications of data science and data storytelling, the website also provides the latest and upcoming trends in the world of big data analytics. At the same time, it offers 2 tutorials based on the interview questions for experienced data scientists.


This website or better put, learning resource for big data analytics portrays the thoughts and opinions of 3 biostatistics professors- Jeff Leek, Rafa Irizarry and Roger Peng. With a huge repository of blogs on the effective use/misuse of data, they also post the rundowns of best big data certifications.


 While it has become obvious for IT professionals and managers to embrace the advanced analytics tools and technologies, the constantly changing nature of big data has also become a dilemma for them. New applications are evolving steadily and therefore, to become an expert authority in the domain, individuals must adapt to the changing demands of business and technology.

However, staying updated and in touch with the changing needs in the data science industry is also the key to land your dream job. From the resources mentioned above- pick any and steer your career growth today by acquiring a certification in data science!

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Very helpful article, I actually found whatever i was looking for under one article, saved my time and avoided distortion. Keep writing! as Data Science holds a bright future.


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