Explore Instagram To Market Your Brand

Instagram market is getting bigger, and many brands do not know how to get into the game. Opening an account on Instagram is the easiest thing in the world but how do you get others to see it? Here I bring tricks to reach users of this visual platform.
Instagram continues to gain followers, and it is a great opportunity for brands. But beyond the hashtag, hardly anyone knows how to get the number of Instagram followers, likes, and shares.

1 – Post at the Right Time

On average, the photos on Instagram have a life of about 4 hours. After this time, almost no one will see them for the reason that they have been buried at the end of a long list of images.
If you publish at a time when your fans are not online, you are wasting time. The typical user of Instagram social network enters the afternoon, back from work. That time will vary according to the target audience of the brand. But always keep in mind the habits of the audience.

2 – Use Hashtags without Abusing Them

They help us to have more visibility, and are one of the most useful tools on Instagram. Some of the most commonly used are #instadaily, #photooftheday and #instagood.
Yes, many brands know it, but many brands only know this whole universe of Instagram. So we constantly see examples of huge clouds of hashtags.
This is the opposite of professionalism. You have to use relevant hashtags, and only a few. People come to see images on Instagram, no endless lists of hashtags.

3 – Make a Teaser

It is a good idea to let users see your new products before anyone else does. Your fans are especially enthusiastic customers, very loyal to the brand. For them, these pre-releases are news to share. And also they serve to compensate them for their loyalty.

4 – Show the Company from within

Your fans do not want to see ads, but actual images of the lifestyle offered by your brand. Instead of the perfect finish that offers advertising, Instagram helps you to feel about brands.
It is the perfect platform to publish images of the company from within, employees or the shooting of an advertising campaign. Not everything you publish serves to sell. You can also have fun with Instagram and get your fans enjoy with you.
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