The world is arranged so that everything has its limits and boundaries. But man is created in order to destroy those same borders. This is what guided the engineers and designers Samsung when developed its new flagship. I’m sure that they face the tempter serpent only did that twisted apple with two cameras. But not subjected to the temptations of the Korean mind and pushed the boundaries of his mind first and then ours. We look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 – the smartphone without limits. And, now after Galaxy S8 it is time for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9.

This year Samsung decided not to put on a performance, and the emphasis placed on appearance. Yes, the LG ahead of their Korean brothers and the first to release a smartphone with a large screen and rounded corners. But Samsung just smiled and showed its new flagship – Galaxy S8. So, Samsung Galaxy S9 will also get the best design.

The slogan of a novelty – “Smartphone Without Borders” and indeed it is. The display occupies almost 85% of the front panel. But to achieve even greater effect, the edges of the display curved, like this, as it was in the previous Edge-smartphones. This combination gives the impression that the display floats in your hands. Now imagine, with S8 Samsung has done only one-third job, and complete edge less display will be way ahead with Samsung Galaxy S9.

Anyway, the front panel is quite different from what we did earlier in the Samsung. To achieve the effect of “floating screen” had to abandon the use of all usual three keys and, oh, by “Samsung” lettering. Although these brand attributes are missing on the front of the smartphone, Galaxy S8 remains well recognizable, so the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Despite, without exaggeration, a large display, Galaxy S8 is smaller than S7 Edge. And yet it is clear that Samsung is learning from its mistakes. Screen in the “eight” is not bent as much as in the S7 Edge, allowing smartphone fits comfortably in the hand. And at the expense of false clicks. You can forget about them, in the S8 does not. In addition to the display on the front panel are a front camera, a speaker and a lot of different sensors.

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the complete specifications and the perfect design, and it will be inherited to the Samsung Galaxy S9 that will also take the era of technology further.

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