We know SEO is a dynamic industry. What is relevant here one month may not hold the same potency the very next and so on. Trends and subtleties of this industry keep changing with a rapid rate, more speedily than most businesses can actually keep a track on.
We know without SEO, websites won’t rank better in search engines and this makes a big dent to the business prospects. Since going online is all about winning more visits and more customers, this purpose will stand defeated if search engine optimization is not leveraged properly.
So, you need to keep pace with the SEO trends as only this can help you get more quality traffic and get visibility across channels on the internet. In terms of SEO, the trends dominating the market at present should be kept a tab on to benefit fully.

Here are SEO trends not to ignore this year –

Social content now holds more value than previous years as content from these networks – be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. – get more value on SERPs.

It’s easier now to make your Facebook posts or tweets or pins rank higher on the SERPs as Google have now made these social posts a key ranking factor.

Businesses now look to get more of their social media content indexed on major search engines including Google to get on the right side of ongoing trends.

Videos continue to be the toast of search engines and users alike and besides being a key ranking factor, they are lapped up by users for high-quality entertainment and enrichment purposes.

You can add a piece of engaging video and get a superior click-through rate and get superior rankings in search engines.

More brands now rely on videos to drive their marketing campaign forward and reap rich rewards in the market.

Mobile optimization is now a norm followed diligently by a growing number of businesses to improve their rankings and visibility.

With more searches already overtaken desktop ones, coupled with responsive design being ranking factor, we can clearly see more websites going mobile-ready to tap into the potential of a new SEO trend.

Voice search is the latest trend in SEO where websites are required to cater to the ever-evolving need of a target market that is always on and go.

Voice search features will help those users who want a better and more convenient way to type in their queries without having to physically write and rather just let the voice do the job for them.

Content aggregation is dominating the SEO landscape these days where websites with authentic and genuine information, via collection, curation and publishing – gain better rankings than earlier.

Content quality is now gaining more prominence as sites delving in deep about a subject, providing more information and adding value to visitors are gaining better rakings in search engines than the rest.

More users now devote time to apps and such apps are not only a better and easier way to gain loads of information quickly but they bring ranking advantages to businesses.

Local SEO is gaining more prominence as businesses or websites that clearly let Google know their location, address, contact details etc. are benefiting from local results.

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand and without the one, the other is not possible and this is what marketers have understood well and started giving focus to quality content to gain the benevolence of search engines.
In overall, either you need to keep a close watch on the changes taking place in the optimization landscape or hire a top SEO company India to do the same for you and help you with ranking and visibility.

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