How to kill a Windows service that’s stuck on stopping or starting state

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Staff November 19, 2014

We can Fix this problem with simple steps:
Find out the PID of the service name :
You can find the PID (process identifier) number just by typing command tasklist on command prompt, it will display the service name and PID number for you or can go to the services find the service which is stucked at stopping or starting right click on it and click properties on the general tab it will display the service name.
Open command prompt and type sc queryex and the service name example sc queryex Spooler, It will display you the PID.
Now the actual task, we will kill the service which is stucked, open command prompt as an administrator and type  taskkill /f /pid and number here the number is the pid number which we just got, so in my case its taskkill /f /pid 1852
 Now restart the service which was stucked or just stop it or start it.


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