So far, there definitely would have been multiple occasions wherein you were searching for the most widely regarded university rankings or to learn more about great universities in the region, yet you fondled upon multiple resources. With so many websites basing their rankings on different parameters, it could safely be concluded that one criterion is not taken up by more than one ranking authority. What does this mean?

An institution could be excellent in terms of the teaching. However, the same brand of education could simply be mediocre when it comes to research. In this post, we would make an attempt to simplify the process of categorizing a university.

The mode and the parameters of comparison should stay the same through the course of time. For instance, as a ranking body, the grounds on which university ratings could be prepared are as follows:

• Provided statistics

• Bibliometric database

• Questionnaire

• Performance and alumni review etc.

Sticking to our example, if a source X were to formulate a list of great universities for the year 2016 on the above-mentioned parameters, then it should go with the same flow in the subsequent years as well. It is this consistency which is hard to achieve

• University rankings should be sufficiently transparent in nature. The methodology that is followed to explain the basis of needs to be put out in open. The reviews that take place year after year should not be taking different routes every time to reach their target audience. For instance, if you are surveying the current batch of students, state the number of people. If possible, pre-set the total number of students that you are going to be asking questions to. And allow it to be the same for all the universities, so it sets a justified precedent.

• Third, and this is a very significant point, comparisons among the top ranking universities should always be carried out keeping in mind, the differences between them. Take this as an example, a building located in the arms of lush green mountains in South Africa would most definitely be an attraction in terms of landscape and the views it offers. But should that be put in comparison with a university that doesn’t have the same advantage?

Top ranking universities keep switching places, you should know. On a broader basis, it could be admitted that the same names could continue to stay at the top, but the rational human imagination would not permit itself to believe that the ranking order remains the same as well. Additionally, inaccuracies are bound to impact the eventual university rankings. Circumstances which are outside of the control of human forces may intervene in the emergence of the best results.

Last, such lists are prepared not become famous by saying one brand of education has an edge over the other. As a matter of fact, they are only prepared to help students chose a better option in their careers and should be taken as such.

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