The workforce of today is changing fast with times. Digital wave has taken the world by such a storm, that it has led to another phenomenon that is equally significant in nature. Be it the Big Data revolution in I.T or the artificial intelligence wave that has shot robotics to the fore, all of the hype was initially only preceded by the digitization. Those business owners who are always on the look-out for opportunities and needing to win in the corporate arena should be taking notice of the fact, that their workforce needs up-to-date digital marketing skills. For this to happen, enterprises have to start looking towards a digital credentialing platform that is both renowned and top-notch in the kind quality of certifications it imparts.

Enter the picture, Credforce which is the world’s leader, vendor-neutral, third-party platform that has the potential to overturn your career for good. with a presence in over 178 countries and test centres located in 7000 locations globally, interested students have the chance to apply for its workforce credentialing solutions,

Within the boundary of its premises, there are several subsidiary bodies that are operating with an objective to make experts in the most sort after fields. Let’s have a look at what the subsidiaries have to offer:

The Talent Management Institute – incorporated with Human resource function at its helm, this body exists to equip as many students/professionals and others of the same ilk, to move forward in the talent management domain of HR. This digital credentialing platform has a partnership with one of the world’s leading universities, Wharton University. It in itself is the proof of the calibre that the online certification program of TMI has.

Global digital Marketing Council – the body which was constituted to take note of the latest marketing happenings in the world and use them to best leverage the job-ready skill sets for people. Regardless of the fact whether someone is at an entry level in their careers or is having trouble sailing mid-way through their careers or trying to reach the pinnacle of their potential after spending years of labour, GDMC has something for everyone.

The United States Private Equity Council – the private equity is one such field of finance which has never failed to amaze the crowd. It has always captured the imagination of people with the CAGR of industry and the humungous deals that have created historic business partnerships. For those financial aficionados who like to keep tabs on the latest happenings, is certainly a one-stop solution.

Investment Banking Council of America – speaking of a digital credentialing platform related to the field of finance, it would have been a blasphemy if one speaks of just private equity & not investment banking. They both are inter-linked. Hence, Credforce made sure, to capitalize on this aspect by opening the doors of for people who’re looking for an entry-spot or an opportunity to consolidate their careers.

Note – the above are just a few mentioned subsidiary accomplishments of the Credforce family. In the upcoming future, the curtain will be waived for other operational bodies to come through as well.

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