Now we use smartphones in primarily in every aspect of our life. Nowadays instant messaging is one of the most modern ways of communication. Even business is preferred for certain situations over traditional email.

Unfortunately not all messaging apps provide a reliable security for your messages for instance, not all chat app uses encryption but do that on unsecured channels and also stores the encryption keys from central servers.

Signal App

As you can guess it leaves vulnerability and just recently WhatsApp integrated the use of proper end-to-end encryption. Signal app open whisper system platforms and also there are several apps available proven to be the most secure.

Signal is the first one it’s more like a platform rather than an app. It provides a very secure end-to-end encryption every message sent their server never stores data nor has access to it it’s available for hours and android. The only downside to it seems to be that it’s not yet available for tablets.

IMO Messenger

IMO App is another great app for secure mobile communications it’s completely free with no watts whatsoever. It’s available for every possible platform including Windows and Linux. Using it, you can create a huge group chat and mass message infinite numbers of people subscribe to you at once and it’s also super fast and runs very smooth on various devices even old ones.

Pryvate App

Another up named Pryvate it seems to be the number one choice for businesses. It indeed provides an excellent means of security including IP shooting secure storage working with the most modern cloud services and throw end-to-end encryption for voice and messages. You can quickly delete your messages at any time and as if recently private seems to notify when the recipient of your messages takes a screenshot of them.

Chat Secure

Chat Secure is another open source and the completely free app featuring all the record encryption over XMPP they have the source code for iOS and Android available and get help it can be used with Gmail account with a fresh account own XMPP public servers or with your server SQL cipher is also provided for local encryption of conversation locks.

Our last but not least series creators of this up claimed to use a security technology I quote developed for research with the UK Minister of Defense communication of all types including video calls.

This app seemed to be incredibly secure and reliable they also provide a cloud service the only downside is that the register raisin might be a bit of a struggle and that apparently there is no iOS version of this app we hope you find the best messaging app suitable for your needs.

In case you need more quick information about top most secured communication apps then you can make us of contact us page.  All the above apps are available for Android and IOS too expect one app.


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