SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services are known to take different routes via PPC (paid per click ad), SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization). Presently, Google is known to be the most popular form of marketing approach taken on the web. Similar to all forms of advertising, exposure is said to stop when the budget runs out. But, in the case of organic search, as the page one is achieved in Google ranking, then the site begins to receive a good number of visitors to the site, when compared to traditional Google PPC. Visibility in the search engine will mean the brand and company name appear on the search engine result pages especially for the particular selected keywords relating to company service or product.

Some crucial questions to ask the affordable seo services India companies

How to ensure that the business gets full visibility on Google: It is with regular addition of contents on the site that better returns can be achieved from the site. This popular strategy is known as ‘content marketing’. Having content pages included can increase opportunities to rank for the long tail keywords. The web offers ample scope to differentiate self from the competitors. Besides this, there are readily available numerous analytical tools for site owners to identify the different areas for improving the site.

Having great content, however, still not able to rank on the first page of Google: Search ranking is prioritized by Google in two ways, namely:

o   On-Page optimization: Here the related keywords are used within the sub headings, headings, internal link text and bullets. Sites comprising contents in 100s of pages can achieve better rankings within the search engines, thus increasing site ability for finding long tail keyword searches.

o   Off page optimization: They are external links pointing to the site from the other sites and are noticed as recommendations, developing credibility for the site. Effective link building can be achieved through regular blogging, submitting sites to online directories/classifieds and taking benefit of the different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Where to find valuable links: Many sites may link to the business site if there exists good content that can be referred to. Links can be acquired without requiring intervening much. Link building helps to have links got back to the site using variable or product keyword within the link text. Links could be developed through the following strategies:

o   Blog posts

o   Article marketing

o   Reciprocal links

There are many who try out ‘Black Hat SEO’ getting site rankings. But this is not advisable.

About SMO (Social Media Marketing) services: They fall into the following categories:

o   Social media advertising: Making use of paid banner or text ads on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, allowing to target market based upon the demographics.

o   Social media bookmarking: Users are offered with the capability to tag sites that they recommend or like such as Stumbleupon and Digg. Search engine linking strategies are supported by social bookmarking.

o   Social media optimization: YouTube can be uploaded with videos and optimized using related product keywords. This way, Google first page results can be achieved for such keywords. Posting on sites such as Yahoo Answers and Craigslist, the optimized contents can help get better rankings within short span of time.

o   Social media networking: Regular networking meetings are attended by entrepreneurs in huge numbers. The objective is to meet the other entrepreneurs with an objective of conducting business with one another. Professionals are offered by social media sites like LinkedIn with a way for establishing an online relationship to develop credibility and introduce services and products.

In short, the seo company in India when carefully hired is sure to provide their clients with the best possible results.

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