Internet has seen paradigm shift in its small phased but fast evolution, since it was launched in the 1980s. At the time of inception, the websites were simplistic in nature and were text based essentially. There were no visual content and no variations in layout, typography, and fonts. More importantly, there were essentially only white backgrounds with standard texts placed before them. This was essentially true because of the fact that those were the first days of internet’s development and high speed internet connection was just a dream those days.

Advancing Online World

Just a decade after those initial days, people started to have their own standard wired connections. This is when the coding systems such as HTML and PHP started getting used more and more by web design companies in India and abroad. Whether it is the glorious GIFs, extensive videos, or other advanced graphical elements, they are all being used in the present time. Though animated design elements and sparkling web layouts were happening a decade ago, these are quite normal nowadays as the connectivity issues are scaling new heights of success. In fact, at present audio-visual content are made to convey complete experience to users. Nowadays, internet doesn’t mean only work but an entire package of entertainment, pass time, and much more.

Advent of Artificial Intelligence in Online World and Web Designing

To develop the advanced and media-rich content, a company needs web design company in India or other parts of the world. The corporations across the world are spending millions of dollars to make fortune out of their online presence. That’s the reason why corporations always prefer to employ the best developers and web designers. As already mentioned, it’s an expensive proposition.

The small and medium businesses too are trying to reach their coveted audience with best possible design. However, they don’t have lots of funds and that’s why the online industry has started the quest to get customized web development and designing solution at least possible price. To solve this problem, artificial intelligence is being used.

There have been some innovative organizations that are claiming to have come up with solutions that use new technological advancements to generate complicated algorithm of codes as well as logics that can generate websites in just matter of minutes.

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

It is pretty simple at the front end. The concerned Artificial Intelligence (AI) software asks pertinent questions for understanding the nature of business of the website for which the web development and web designing is being done. Once the business is determined, the AI assistant provides a developed and designed site (based upon a complex set of algorithm that determines the correct content, design, layout, and branding. This helps build a website design and development that is perfect for the audience. It is done in just 2 minutes and doesn’t need hours and days of dedicated work hours of web developers and designers.

It has been seen that these AI-induced web designing software create highly evolved and relevant web design, which not only is faster to design and develop but also way more affordable. In fact, the aspects of convertibility of visitors to customers are also found to be better in these artificially intelligent web design software. They hardly need any rework as the design has been reached on the exact inputs given by the user. Two such companies that have announced AI-driven website design are Wix and The Grid. You may get more help on the issue from a renowned web design company in India.

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Sharon Michaels is a design specialist and her expertise lies in responsive web design. A graduate from the National Institute of Design, Sharon currently works for Art Attackk, Addictive Media’s Digital Design Division. In her spare time, she loves blogging and kayaking.



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