What is hiberfil.sys and How to delete is it safe to delete ?

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Staff February 20, 2015

If you are Wondering whats causing Your C: drive consuming a lot of Space one reason may be the hiberfil.sys in your windows computer typically hiberfil.sys is Sized 75% of your Ram.
Hibernate session saves your session and turn off the computer.


When you turn on the computer, windows restores your session exactly were you was, so if you have opened programs in your computer and you want them just to be in the same state as they were when you turn on next time, you can turn off your computer in Hibernate mode Windows then saves the sessions in the form of hiberfil.sys in C: Drive.
To view hiberfil.sys you need to enable show hidden files folders and drives and Hide protected operating system files Under Folder options View → Advance settings .


Is it safe to Delete ?


Yes it is, if you do know use Hibernate mode, like me I use sleep mode instead.


How to delete hiberfil.sys file ?


You can reduce the size of hiberfil.sys by 50 % which by default uses 75% of Ram.

Run command prompt as an Administrator and type

powercfg /h /size 50

To disable and delete permanently Run command prompt as an administrator and type

powercfg -h off

Hit Enter.


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