Released less than six years ago, Snapchat has morphed into a legitimate platform with which brands can promote their products. How legitimate? According to the company’s own IPO documents, there are 158 Million people using Snapchat every day, with an average user checking the app 18 times over the course of each day.

The really interested statistic is that while slightly less than half of all Facebook users are under that age of 34 the same demographic of users on Snapchat represents more than 70% of the total users. Snapchat is incredibly popular with younger users, and if your brand relies on so-called “millennials” then you should consider using the up-and-coming platform.

From a local perspective, Newpath WEB provides online marketing in Melbourne, and we haven’t seen a whole lot of brands jump on the Snapchat train. It may be a good opportunity for local brands to get a leg up on their more international competitors

How it Works

Snapchat more or less works just like any other social media platform: you build an account and go. All you need to do is make your account public, so people can see and follow you without approval, and you need to tell people you’re on Snapchat, as you can’t tag or link people in the videos themselves.

Snapchat is great because it allows you to take photos or videos and add filters and various overlays to enhance the content. Snapchat allows you to add geographic information as well, so you can make a point of highlighting where in the world you are.

The style of content, however, is completely up to you. A number of big brands have had success with “takeover” events: giving popular users access to your business’ account and bringing a more down-to-earth version of your brand. This isn’t a bad structure to go with full-time, with a number of brands providing a “behind the scenes” view of their worlds. The point is that if it connects with your customers, it’s going to work.

Advertising on Snapchat

You don’t need to have a profile on Snapchat to be on Snapchat though. The platform has recently opened up their API allowing brands to buy location-based promos automatically. Geofilters and full-screen video ads can both be bought by brands looking to target particular users. Numerous Australian companies have gotten in on this act, as have large international businesses targeting local consumers.

The most critical element of using these platforms is that it needs to be engaging. This type of advertising is not going to convert a lot of sales, but it is going to build brand awareness. Ensure that geofilters are relevant and amusing, and keep video ads light and appropriate for the delivery method.

Augmented Reality is the Way of the Future

With recent announcements from both Facebook and Google, AR is here to stay. Businesses that utilise online marketing in Melbourne have been slow on the uptake, and are dragging their feet when it comes to engaging in this popular new medium. Give it a try, see what happens, and in no time at all, you’ll start to see the benefits.

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