Windows Updates Stuck on Shut Down or Reboot – “Installing update…”

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Staff October 2, 2015

Windows Updates Stuck on Shut Down or Reboot – “Installing update…” If your computer screen is stuck with this message first thing you need to make sure that its actually stucked.
Some time a large download like service pack may take some time, but if you see the status is same for more than 30 minutes or 1 hour than its really stucked.
What you need to do?
Step1 > Power off, and turn it on after some time.
2 > Now log in to computer
3 > click on start menu on the input search type CMD when the result appears with windows command prompt right click and run as an administrator.
4 > Type and enter net stop wuauserv it will stop the windows update service.
5 > Now type aand enter ren c:\windows\softwaredistribution sd.old to rename windows update folder
6 > Now type and enter net start wuauserv to start the windows update service.
7 > Now launch Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update and check for updates again and install.
You may need to clean up some disk space now follow this guide.


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