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You have a great idea for an app, but you have no idea where to start or how to begin.  Let us help! Follow these 12 steps and start yourself off in the right direction.



Set a Goal


If you don’t set a clear goal, you will end up commencing off with one idea, and you will let cost and time pressure you into something you don’t want.  Set a course, and stick to it!  You also want to set up your accounts with the Apple Store and Google Play.



Hand Sketch Your Idea


Technology has too many bells and whistles, and you are at the bare bones planning phase.  Drawing allows you to transfer the ideas from your head to paper, so you can see what it is you want.


Read the Store Reviews

Look at similar apps in the app store.  Read the reviews.  What do people like, and what don’t the like about apps similar to yours?  Use this information to begin your wireframe.





Create a wireframe.  A wire frame is a visual skeleton that you give your developer.  There are many free wireframe tools online.


Develop the Core


If you know how to code, delineate your servers, APIs and data diagrams.  If you are like a large portion of the world—a person with an idea and the courage to try to make it a reality—a third party WYSIWYG program that handles the back-end necessities might be the best option.


These programs offer numerous plug and play options that can eliminate your need for a programmer.  You can set up your apps core functionality without any knowledge of any programming language.



Solicit Feedback


Order a pizza, call a few friends, and let them play with your app.  Remind them that it’s not supposed to look pretty yet.  You just want them to tell you if it works, if it’s easy to navigate, and what they would change to make it easier.



Make Changes


You bought them pizza.  You might as well take what they said into consideration.  If you feel that the feedback they gave you was beneficial.  Modify your app to reflect it.


Design the User Interface


The way your app looks is called the user interface or the UI.  If you are hiring a designer, you are looking to have high-resolution skins built.  If you are using a WYSIWYG editor, you will need to decide on a template.


Test Again


Now that you’ve applied your friend’s feedback and added some style to your app, run it through a testing environment. and Pixate are great platforms for testing your app.   Do the changes make your app better?  Is there anything else making it hard to use?


Final Modifications


This is the final revision stage.  Use all feedback you got along your own thinking to change your app one last time.


Beta Test


On Android devices, you can simply upload your app and test it live.  On iOS devices, you have to use Apple’s beta testing platform TestFlight to see your app in a live environment.





Add your app to the store, and then get to work on your marketing campaign.  Once your app is live, it won’t sell itself.  There is still work to do!


Author Bio – Andrew Gazdecki is the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps, a do-it-yourself mobile app and mobile website platform for small businesses, and Bizness CRM, a CRM for selling to small businesses.

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