MarshMallow 6.0 VS iOS9

It is quite challenging to decide the best from Android M and iOS 9. After the release both mobile operating system established a strong presence in the market with their most promising and innovative OS features.


Google Android Officially unleashed Android M 6.0 in August 2015 with some of very interesting elements from its arch rival iOS; subsequently, Apple unveiled iOS9 to the world in September.


After the release of the latest and the most incredible version of Android 6.0, named Marshmallow; and iOS 9 they have made the market and the customers think really hard, lets compare both.



# Battery Life:

ios 9 vs android 6 battery

Left iOS 9 and Right Marshmallow battery usage

When we buy a mobile phone we consider battery life as a major decision point, isn’t it? , if your smart phone model not have long battery life it become nearly useless. Most people largely believe in picking up an OS that offers a decent battery life.

This time around, both the companies have realized the importance of battery life and come up with some special features in the operating systems to offer a better as well as an enhanced battery experience.

Android M comes out with a feature called Doze, while Apple offers a Low Power Mode with the iOS 9, in an attempt to make your phone’s battery last longer.



# Interface:

marshmellow interface

Marshmallow Interface


If we talk about interface design not many changes have been made to the new versions of Android M as well as iOS 9 fundamentally both are similar to each other. Both have identical home screen that offer immense app icons. But some expert say that Android M looks a bit like Cartoonish and on the other hand Apple iOS 9 has an elegant and refined interface, classy and has the edge and carrying a few alterations and have new font style.



# Compatibility:

Talking about compatibility and installing the iOS 9 totally beats Android OS. This is the area where Apple leaves no room for Android to get closer. The iOS 9 works with all devices including iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and newer iPhone 6s and even original iPad Mini and newer. On the Other hand Android M is not available on many android smartphones. Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow made its first appearance with current Nexus device users in the US.



# Personalization:

ios 9 homescreen

Ios 9 Home Screen

If you love customization and always make changes in your mobile home screen and themes than you would love Android because Android still comes up with more customization options and it allows you to install an alternative launcher, which will make the operating system look differently. You can easily change the Android dialer or the SMS app, while on the other hand Apple doesn’t allow you to put the Calendar or clock on your smartphone screen. Instead, it puts widgets in the Notification Center and that’s it.


# Mobile Payments:

Now Google wallet become Android pay, Android M has renamed the Google wallet which is similar to the Apple pay. Both the platforms offer similar payment platforms but Android M steals the market here by offering a touch payment system and fingerprint scanner on all Android handset. On other hand Apple iOS 9 offers another cutting edge element that allows Touch ID that would scrutinize and follow your fingerprint more rapidly than ever before!


# Privacy:

Both player comes out with a strong privacy features. The Android M 6.0 comes with an enhanced privacy system which prevents important and private information from leaking out.  As far as Apple has confirmed that none of the private data of the user is ever collect, and it will always remain within the device and will not use for marketing purpose.


Wrapping Up:

Everyone has been looking for an answer, which one is best? Consider both the operating systems and picking on the best out of them. Both Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and Apple iOS 9 are offer best features in order to provide a better experience for the user. But, to be really honest, I must suggest you could use both of them, without any doubt or fuss. You can switch easily between them. Now that the readers have received a clear picture about both the OS, it is completely their discretion to choose the best from the two.



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