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Safe and Sound: To most teenagers around the world, it is the title of the track that Taylor Swift was inspired to write after the main protagonist of The Hunger Games Trilogy, Katniss Everdeen. But to most parents, it means something entirely different. From making sure that their children come into this world safely to standing right beside them, to catch them as they fall, when their children take their first step. From changing countless nappies to treating burns and broken hearts alike, the requirements and responsibilities that come accompanied with the title of being a parent never end, but keep of increasing with time, especially in the times that we live in. From 13 year old dressing up young adults and teenagers as young as 15 getting pregnant, these are indeed the toughest times to be a parent.



Adding to it the easy and hassle free access young ones have to technology and internet; it all just translates into the makings of a huge disaster. At times like these there is nothing short of a spy that can keep an eye on a child’s every single move to ensure that he or she is safe all the time is the only think capable of not only ensuring the child’s safety, but also making sure that their parents get a good night’s sleep.



Even though parents cannot get hold of a spy, fortunately for them they can get hold of a spy application off of the internet to keep an eye on their child.


Now, like most things that one can get off of the internet, not every single spy app available up here is reliable. Some of them might not provide you with the data they say they would while the other are not safe enough to handle the confidential data they get hold of that belongs to you. Among thousands of such apps, TheOneSpy shines bright, both in the terms of merits and safety.



What is TheOneSpy?

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TheOneSpy is a revolutionary parental monitoring application that has been deemed as one the best spy applications of this time. Working fabulously on every single iOS operated device out there, TheOneSpy has changed the face of the spy industry as one knew it. Not only is it one of the best and the most reliable spy application there are, but it also:



> Provides Parents With a Unique Control

Unlike other spy applications, TheOneSpy provides its users with a unique and unadulterated hold over the target device. With it at work, not only will you be able to receive constant notification about the activities of the user of the target device but also be able to manipulate the workings of the target device by sending it instructions via text messages.

> Check Their iOS Devices

Whether your child is using his or her iOS device at any given time or not, you will be able to look through their contact list, appointments and reminders, Gallery Photos, Message and Call Logs, the apps installed, essentially anything and everything that has something to do with the device, giving you complete control over it.

> Monitor Them

With access to your child’s internet browsing history to the various social media accounts he or she uses via the target device to the messages being sent through SMS as well as the various messaging apps like Whatsapp and Line, you can monitor them stealthily and remotely, whenever you want. Additionally, you may also listen in on calls and even record them if you feel like it.

> Keep a Round the Clock Watch

With features like GPS trackers as well as Microphone and Camera bugs at your disposal with the use of TheOneSpy, you can not only keep an eye on your child’s geographical location but also see who he or she is with and what they are doing via the bugs.

> How does it Work?

While most spy applications come along with complications of ridiculously long and tough installation processes as well as steep prices and complicated means of access, TheOneSpy is quite different from all of them. It can:

> Easy Installation Process

Installing TheOneSpy is quite easy. All you have to do is see if the target device is compatible with the spy app. If it is, purchase the right package for you, download it, install it on the target device and you are good to go.

> Easy to Use

There are no hard and fast rules and ways to operate the spy app to access all the data you need from the target device. All of it is as easy as using a device yourself.

> Effective and Affordable

TheOneSpy guarantees 100% effective results. Not only does it provide complete monitoring solutions to all your requirements but it is also quite affordable and does not put a huge dent in your budget, no matter how many devices you use it on.



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Bella is tech geek and digital parenting expert. She mostly writes latest social media norms and mobile data protection. Currently she blogs at TheOneSpy – an app to spy mobile and protect cell phone OS (android, Blackberry, iPhone). Her latest article on The Cell phone Spyware Police don’t Want to Acknowledge got viral social media visibility.

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