chrome vs firefox vs opera vs safari vs internet explorerLets get into this straight, rather then discussing about their history, we all know internet explorer was first to start, time has changed now earlier job of a browser was to get the text from the internet and show it in the window.

Now webpages has lot more to offer and a browser has to lot more to perform, so we take a look into the major browsers and see how much capable they are.



is the latest HTML standard and Html5test gives us this score card for the current released versions of major browsers based on the number of html elements they support .

icon-bullhorn chrome is the winner.

html5test result


Speed: Which browser is fastest ? Peacekeeper is a free and fast browser test that measures a browser’s speed.

Which shows that Chrome is the winner all the way.

peackeeper browser test


Poodle Test

poodle-testBased on Poodle test we found chrome is not Vulnerable, where in all other browsers we need to manually disable SSL v3.0



While most of us still thinks Internet explorer is the most safest of all, based on many user review and reports I found Firefox and chrome are the most secure browser.

Here according to Top ten reviews Firefox is the most secure browser.

most secure browser


Supported Platforms:


Google Chrome:  Windows, Mac OS X , Android and Linux
Mozilla Firefox :  Windows, Mac OS X , Android and Linux (Not compatible on iOS)
Internet Explorer:  (32 and 64-bit): Windows (7 & 8)
Safari: Mac OS X (Safari 5.17 is available to download for Windows
Opera Next: Windows, Mac OS X,Android and Linux.


Market Share:

Chrome is the leader web’s most used and most popular browser.

web browser market share

Extras: There are some features which makes a browser more convincing than other like Chrome users takes the advantage of Google voice search.

The Omnibox Search on chrome let you directly Into Individual Sites, lets you instantly calculate, convert units and much more.

When it comes to customization Firefox is the best about:config  lets you customize almost everything in Firefox. Firefox users has the advantage of Add-ons which has a large collection of plugins to add numerous features.


Opera’s signature features, stash and speed dial. Speed dial allows for easy bookmarking and functions like “the most visited page”.

Opera has Auto Reload a page every 30 seconds and rewind,crash recovery features makes it awesome.

When it comes to memory consumption Internet explorer uses the least and doesn’t crash often like Firefox and chrome does.


On Safari Search snapback allows you to instantly jump back to the original search you made after clicking on a bunch of results.


Activity window: This functionality lets you see what pages, images and scripts are downloading behind the scenes when you browse the web.


Quick Notes: Gives you the ability to instantly capture text to a note-taking interface.

Based on above all comparison we can say that every browser has some advantages & disadvantages than the other. But Chrome remains the on TOP.


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