Android smartphone lovers have great many new models to choose from, as the mobile manufacturing giants are constantly churning out fantastic new devices. The premium Android mobile market is also always abuzz, and now two new premium mobile handsets are going to hit the market head-on. These are the new LG G5 and the new Samsung Galaxy S7, the two latest flagship models from the two South Korean companies.




Anyone looking to buy a new premium handset in the next couple of months would be certainly either considering the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG G5. Both these phones boast of the latest technologies, software version and highest specs as well features that can be expected in a brand new premium smartphone model.

However, as both these Korean smartphones look equally impressive, one might get totally confused about which model to finally splurge on. Here’s a quick look at both the models, which should help you in making the final choice much more easily.

Design & Built

samsung-galaxy-s7 design

LG has presented a radically different new flagship model with its new G5, while Samsung has improved on the radically different S6 with the new Galaxy S7. The new LG G5 flaunts an all metal uni-body design which is really unique.

The primary aspect about the G5 is that it is the world’s first modular smartphone that allows the swapping of the modules at its bottom. The primary drawback of a uni body mobile device is that it can’t have a removable battery, but LG has solved this problem with its G5, as its bottom can be popped out to swap the battery. LG has introduced two module choices – the Cam Plus and the Hi-Fi Plus, while more options are expected to join the brood.



The Cam Plus module transforms the G5 into a great traditional snapper with physical buttons for shutter, power, video and zoom. It also features a 1,200 mAh battery pack that adds to the life of the already present 2,800 mAh battery in the handset. The Hi-Fi Plus module is to please the sound aficionados that support 32-bit, 284 KHz HD audio playback.

In terms of looks the new LG G5 looks every bit of the premium phone that it is, with a smooth and sleek design that is well rounded at the edges for great looks and comfortable grip.


The new Samsung Galaxy S7 looks pretty much the same as its predecessor the Galaxy S6. However, it comes in a new glass and metal chassis that offers better quality and some overall improvements. The previous rear camera bump and the flat back design are missing in the Galaxy S7 which now looks smoother and easier to handle owing to its smoothly curved back. Its conventional uni-body design comes with the usual non-removable battery pack.

In terms of looks, the LG G5 looks a tad bit more attractive than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Durability & Water resistance

The Galaxy S7 is a clear winner over the G5 owing to its the IP68 rating, meaning it has the ability to survive under up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, and it is also resistant considerable amount of dust.

Although the S7 gets a strong unibody design, its curved glass construction could make it more prone to scratches, cracks and oily smudges.

The LG G5 does not offer any water resistant feature, and its modular design could also make it more vulnerable to water damage and even dust attack than any other quality smartphone, as it does not have any rubber sealing around the removable bottom. It might also easily come out in its two pieces when dropped as compared to other unibody mobiles.

The Galaxy S7 thus, is a clear winner in these departments.



Both the G5 and the S7 feature Quad HD displays, but if size matters, then the really G5 has the advantage of a bigger 5.3 inch display over the S7’s 5.1 inch display. However, S7’s AMOLED display is slightly better than G5 IPS LCD screen, as AMOLED displays offer more vibrant color and the ability of switching on or off individual pixels that also allow the S7 offer an Always-on display feature.

Here both the phones score quite the same, as the G5 has a bit of bigger screen, while S7 has its AMOLED display.

Power & Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 also come powered by the same processor – Snapdragon 820 and with identical 4GB RAM support.

Power and performance wise, both the phones are expected to be really similar, although their software tuning could make for slight difference.

Battery & Storage

The Galaxy S7 gets a 3,000 mAh battery pack, while the G5 gets a 2,800 mAh battery. Here, the S7 wins not only with bigger battery but also with its AMOLED display and Samsung’s liquid cooling technology, all of which together should offer impressive backup.

Nevertheless, the LG G5 has the edge of a removable battery, which allows one to carry an additional battery on the go. Then again, Samsung is also launching its battery case than can double the battery life.

Both the models have fast charging, while the S7 also offers fast wireless charging option. Considering all, the Samsung model takes the trophy in this department.

Both the S7 and G5 come with inbuilt memory of 32GB and come along with MicroSD slot. So, both are same here.



LG G5 gets a dual rear camera allowing panoramic pictures with its 135 degree lens in its second rear camera. Its regular rear snapper is 16MP, and its wide-angle shooter is 8MP. There is also the fast laser focusing technology.



Samsung s7 Camera

samsung s7

The Galaxy S7’s rear camera has downsized to 12MP from S6’s 16MP, but it has become more powerful and capable offering clearer, more colorful and better lowlight shots. Its dual pixel technology also offers express auto focus.

In terms of the rear camera, the galaxy S7 wins with its awesome shooter.




While both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 are great new premium devices. However, considering everything the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 does seem to be a better model.

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