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The twenty-first century practically requires technology. So many work-related exigencies are specifically had via cellular technology. A great example is Fiverr. At Fiverr, you can receive jobs for varying things specifically pertaining to your interests. One example would be writing.


Fiverr could send you a requisition for a story of some caliber that requires you to have six hundred words sent to the client within two or three hours. If you didn’t have a cellular phone on you when the job requisition came in, you never would have known. Furthermore, the camera on a cellular phone is literally changing society. Governing authorities like municipal policemen must abide by the law they swore to protect regardless of hunches, because those in the car at the traffic stop are using a cellular device to record their actions and simultaneously transmit those actions to the world wide web.


But what if you live in a rural area where there is little to no cell phone reception at all? How can you be plugged into modernity?

The answer is simple: acquire a mobile phone signal booster. Mobile phone booster technology has been in play since the eighties when mobile phones were delivered kicking and screaming from the she-wolf technology mother. Since that time, as technology has streamlined so has mobile phone boosting technology. Basically what it does is finds an existing signal and amplifies it substantially. The only caveat for mobile phone booster technology is that there must be a signal of some stripe somewhere.

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Mobile phone booster services boost the signal, they don’t create it out of thin air. But thankfully, most areas–because of satellite technology–have some cell phone signal somewhere, even if it is faint. A good booster can make your mobile device a working bit of tech, rather than an ornately designed paperweight. Furthermore there are mobile options for a mobile phone booster, which means you can keep such technology with you on the road. This means you have that added security at traffic stops, should the issue arise.



Not only are mobile phones a necessary and integral part of modern society, with current social trends, they have become a necessity. Social media and internet job listings virtually require individuals to have a smartphone. Legal injustice can also be prevented with a smartphone; and we haven’t even addressed the whole dating issue. There are literally hundreds of dating apps nowadays that people can use to meet other singles in their immediate area.


How interesting is that? Smartphones have literally taken over the market. Occupationally, relationally, and judicially. Unless you’re living on the backside of a glacier in the middle of Alaska and generationally beholden to a certain plot of land or specific cultural isolation, there’s very little reason you won’t have a smart phone. So if you’ve already got one, and you’re getting poor reception at home–or you’ve got a commute wherein there is very little signal–why not get a mobile phone booster? They’re reasonably priced, and they not only help with the exigencies mentioned above, but they’re very good in an emergency.


As previously stated, most regions in the country have some cellular service, even if it’s faint. Even in Wyoming you’ve usually got one bar just about anywhere you go. So if a blizzard hit in the middle of July–which is not uncommon in that fantasy land of decades past (it’s still the 80s up there, check it out)–then you won’t be caught out in the dark with nowhere to go. Mobile phone booster technology could help get you a job, save your life, and find your wife.

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