Most Productive Chrome apps

Since Google launched Chrome webstore on December 6, 2010 millions of apps has been added and downloaded.

We bring you apps can help organize your daily manage your workflow.



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stay focussed

StayFocussed Puts a cap to the list of sites which can distract you, you can block a social networking website or any other site for the period of time you want them not to distract your attention and you can stay focus at your task.


To Do List

todo listTo Do List  (Works offline) Simple and best way to organize work and increase productivity with To Do List create list of task to be done, mark it as complete when it has been done, import export to do data’s from other apps.





TabCloud In a simple language TabCloud give a pause to work and resume it anytime anywhere. Tab Cloud allows you to save your windows session and restore it at a later date or on another computer.




Prioritab Is A new tab page to remind you of your priorities its wonderful to see when you open a new tab on your Chrome browser and see the list of important tasks which are in priority.



Be Limitless

be limiteless


Be Limitless Turns the new tab into a beautiful Stats dashboard to easily identifies where your time is wasted and gives productivity suggestions.

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