repairing Corrupted pdfPDF (Portable Document Files) are widely used amongst users to share data over internet and ability to access on multiple platform make them worldwide choice of users.


Users can, without relying on particular platform, view the contents shared in PDF format in their PC, Android devices, Smartphones and tablets etc.

The most attractive feature of PDF files are their security, a normal user cannot edit any of the contents saved in PDF format and thus it provides complete security of data. In this upcoming segment we will discuss about some benefits of PDF files, their corruption reasons and a solution to recover PDF files data.



Why PDF Files Are Widely Accepted?

PDF accepted
 PDF files are compatible with all types of Operating Systems like Windows, Linux and Mac etc.


They are portable in nature, small in size and easy to use thus favored by users
Support data conversion in different formats like PDF to Word and also are easily used to print documents online
Provide security of data and does not permit unauthorized users to access or modify protected PDF files documents
Comply with day-to-day requirements of legal documents
Offers compression and encryption option to manage vital informational data


Although, PDF files are very useful for users but being sensitive files gets easily infected by plenty of reasons.

Some common errors responsible for PDF file corruption are infected downloading from internet, virus infections, power outages; HDD failures and third party add INS etc.


In some cases where PDF files are kept in RAR or Zip files corruption causes them to loss all data. In all above discussed scenarios when user’s loss PDF files data, they find out solutions to repair PDF files. The unavailability of manual procedure to repair PDF file data forces users to adopt third party tool to get back PDF files data.
But before suggesting a solution to recover PDF files, it is important for users what the cons of PDF files are when these files are corrupted.

The first and foremost is encountering error messages that signs that something went wrong with PDF files.  Some of the common error messages users observe are discussed below:



» PDF file is corrupt or damaged
» There was an error processing the page. A font contains a bad cmap-encoding
» The root object is missing or invalid
» PDF file is not readable with Adobe Reader
» The file does not begin with %PDF


In order to access PDF files data, users are require to repair PDF file so that data saved in PDF file can be accessed or used.

To repair PDF files users either need to install Adobe Acrobat version in system or need to hire professional tools.

Installation of Adobe Acrobat application might not suite to the requirement of general users as primary reason is cost maintenance.

Availability of third party tools at affordable for users as these are affordable approach and provide provision of repairing complete PDF files data without any expert technical knowledge.


The main benefit of using third party PDF recovery tools is it enables users to recover PDF file data irrespective of its corruption cause or error message. The manual procedure allows recovering PDF files data when there are normal issues with PDF files.

But when there are severe issues with PDF files then freeware applications and manual procedure fails to resolve issues.


How To Recover PDF Files Data?


To recover PDF files data hiring professional tool will be beneficial this is because these commercial tools have ability to get back lost, inaccessible or corrupted PDF files without a bit of damage or loss.

PDF Recovery tool is one renowned name in online market widely used to recover PDF files data. These tools come with advance scanning algorithms that provide ability to recover PDF files data without any loss. Users can create new healthy PDF out of corrupted PDF file and save it in system hard drive for further use. The windows based utility works fine on all OS including latest 8.1 and is compatible to work with PDF files of any version.

Just Load the corrupted or damaged and click on it and Save it.[Sponsored article]

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ryan dube
August 18, 2015

You can also try any third party PDF repair tool to repair your corrupted or damaged PDF file easilymwith fixpdffile

August 3, 2015

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