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There are a lot of effective cloud storage services on the web today. These cloud services provide a suitable solution for users looking to store or backup large amounts of information on the web, These services are becoming more popular every day and offer different rates for users to choose from. There are several uses for cloud services.


Individuals may require cloud services for personal use, which may include storing photos, videos and music on the web. Also, business owners require cloud services to store vast amounts of data, and back up all their information, which would ensure smooth running of their business. Let’s take a look at some of the most secure cloud services for personal use.



1> JustCloud

just cloud

JustCloud is an affordable cloud storage platform that is available for personal use. Individuals around the world can have access to this platform and store all their information on the web. At just $4.95 per month, this affordable service gives its users access to 250GB of online storage. It also comes with a lot of other benefits, including the ability to synchronize multiple devices. JustCloud also gives its users the ability to share files with friends and loved ones. Using this platform would enable you access to files from anywhere and at any time.



2> MyPC Backup

my pc backup

This is another effective way for users to store personal data online. It offers safe and reliable backup for all its users. It also ensures that its users have maximum privacy. Using MyPC Backup gives you access to your files from anywhere in the world, and is securely protected. This means that you do not have to worry about hacks. You can save your photos on the Internet without fear. Its file sharing process is also simple and easy to use.



3> ZipCloud

zip cloud

This is one of the most popular personal cloud storage platforms on the Internet today. At just $5.95 per month, ZipCloud presents a great way to store large files on the Internet. You can store your favorite movies, music and photos on the Internet. It also comes with free trial period, giving you ample time to go through all of its features. It also comes with lots of available cloud storage and always has good user reviews on the web. Their customer assistance service is fast and effective, leaving you with little cause for concern. ZipCloud has built a reputation as one of the best cloud services, and their services support this reputation.


4> Backup Genie


BackupGenie is another affordable cloud service that can be used personally. It enables its users easily back up files on the Internet. It also facilitates easy file and folder sharing. Backup Genie comes with cross platform synchronization and gives its users 100% secure file storage. It is one of the most effective cloud services on the web today. The service is automated and also has great customer service.


5> BackBlaze


BackBlaze is another cloud service that comes with a free trial period. It also gives its users the amazing opportunity to back up unlimited files for just $5. This is one of the cheapest cloud services on the web. Each user would also have their personal encrypt key and the service is backed up by default.

Using any of these cloud storage platforms would give you the best possible experience on the web.



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