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The need for businesses or companies to be successful has driven them to change the job market for the better. Any successful company is aware that employees need to be motivated and assessed regularly to keep them on their toes. Performance management has always been a responsibility of the HR department and they have adopted software to assist with fulfilling their roles. We have identified some 5 such software but businesses don’t have to limit themselves.There are a number of other software’s, not included in the article but are available online.


Different factors determine what kind of software a company will select. These factors include:


1> Size – even though some software work well for both small and big companies, others are limited and can work for either but not both.
2> The industry the business is in.
3> The purpose behind needing the software. Is it for evaluations and performance appraisal or for talent search and so on.
4> The efficiency and simplicity of the software.
5> The benefits that come with the software.

The software allows a company to streamline the work flow including aligning employees’ performance to the company’s goals and objectives.


Check out these 5 software selected that can help HR with managing employee performance:



1. Performance Pro

Performance Pro is a web-based product by HR Performance Solutions. It’s a detailed employee performance appraisal tool, simple to use and customizable. This means that employee performance can be focused to be in line with the company goals. Performance Pro can also be automated, making the process of performance appraisals, evaluations and regular check-ins easier. It offers companies a solution to all the hustles during appraisals.
When a business opts for Performance Pro, these are among the many features they should expect to enjoy:

Customizable templates – including job titles which you can also modify should you feel the need
Employee efforts can be streamlined to be in line with company goals
Management have a chance of accessing useful resources that can guide through the appraisal process
Work-flow can become better coordinated
Writing assistance
An individual can be appraised by more than one person
Can be accessed anywhere anytime!


Performance Pro can work for any type and size of business. It’s an excellent product when it comes to check-ins and employee performance appraisals. Plus, you can make it your own, thanks to its customization feature.



2. iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite
iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite by iCIMS is a HR tool that helps human resource practitioners to identify talent when it comes to performance. iCIMS is an award-winning company when it comes to customer services. Currently, very few people in the job market have the right skills or the talent for that matter. Therefore, recruiters for different companies are ever competing with one another to get the most talented recruits.What iCIM talent acquisition does is it gives HR a chance of accessing the most talented individuals from searching the partner ecosystem developed by iCIMs. Today, 75% of hiring managers use software such as this to track and hire new talent.
The iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite offers the following benefits:
It’s easy to use
It’s backed by an award-winning customer service company. Example is how iCIMS has also helped a number of employees through offering resume formatting tips and in the process
A single system of records
ICIMs intentions for developing this software was to assist businesses to spot talent and get the employees that they desire. Basically, this software will get the rightly qualified employees, therefore, improving on performance.



3. iManage
A product of Corporate Business Solutions, iManage serves to help enterprises with organizing the HR department and basically streamlining its activities. It works well for enterprises and mid-sized companies. They can also access outsourcing options when they encounter problems such as with the payroll.
When it comes to handling the payroll, Corporate Business Solutions will take care of ensuring that it’s in line with applicable tax laws, basically handling the labor-intensive aspects of the payroll. iManage can also help track employee performance. The time spent working is recorded – no more manual time sheets!
It has a dashboard and an employee self-service portal, meaning that HR can check services such as insurance cover, vacation requests, and keep their information updated. Other features include; a home screen, employee profile, ad-hoc, time and attendance. The recruiting team can also benefit from using iManage to post job ads, reviewing resumes sent and hiring the best and most qualified candidates. Potential candidates can also fill questionnaires to help with selecting the most suitable. A resume writing service would come in handy for the candidates to make sure that they submit content that is sure to get them the job!




4. Reviewsnap
Reviewsnap is a web-based program, available since 2007 that focuses on employee performance and “talent management solutions”. Using the software, employee performance is managed through checking out performance reviews, employee learning, and compensation management. Performance management, in this case, is based on the 360-degree employee performance review system.
The review process is customizable, meaning that the HR team can alter the criteria to which they conduct evaluations and appraisals but always in line with company objectives. This is possible thanks to the flexibility of the system. Employees can check on insurance, vacations, compensation, bonuses, engagements, and achievements on a single screen thanks to the personalized dashboard.
Reviewsnap is suitable for businesses across different industries and of all sizes. The other advantage is that it’s accessible anywhere anytime and on any electronic device with an internet connection. It’s gone global in its service delivery, as a number of international companies use Reviewsnap.

5. Asure People Success Platform
If you’re in the hunt for a more experienced company when it comes to performance management, then Asure People Success Platform is the way to go. They have over 20 years’ experience in the job market. They offer their services to over 4500 companies ranging from small, mid-sized, to large corporations.
A business seeking to effectively manage employee performance from hire to retire, ought to get Asure People Success Platform. It works from recruiting stage, the payroll, performance management and compensation.
Other features include:

Configurable Workflows
Digital Personnel File
Benefit Enrollment Wizard
Performance Reviews
Internal Job Postings
Single Database

Asure People Success Platform maintain their own code database. This means that they can customize the software in line with a company’s goal and objectives – it’s flexible for use!


A few decades back, the use of software and IT in HR was just an idea, a concept if you may. The world has been revolutionized at a rather very fast rate and with this came technology that’s changed almost every aspect of our lives. The business world was not left behind. In the desire to be successful, business of all sizes and categories are going above and beyond to stay at the top. One way is by using HR performance management software to handle operations from hire to retire. They have transformed the HR department making its work easy and more effective in its performance.
These solutions are basically meant to help with streamlining the HR department. Evaluating and keeping track of employees was once a headache for HR, but now the whole process has been simplified.



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