In the past, games are just for fun. It’s either you are going to play this during your spare time, after class, or even skip classes and play without getting caught. Some people would say that playing games have been a waste of time or may not contribute to your future success. This is what most parents are concerned about their children while playing computer games at home or at a gaming shop.

However, you can now prove them wrong about the future of games……
Have you ever familiar of eSports? Since playing games are now popular and a continuously growing industry, gaming companies are holding local, national and worldwide tournaments. This is where eSports is born. Being a professional player is one of the dreams that some players are aiming for. They want to recognize themselves as one of the best players in the world in their respective games.
If you’re one of them, this article is specifically written for you. As a gamer, you definitely need to maximize your experience in terms of playing your favorite games. We’re not going to talk about the massive list of games here or sharing a game review. No matter what game you are in, you need these special super materials that would boost your overall gaming experience once and for all.
In most internet and gaming cafes you’ve seen around the corner, only a handful would use these super “weapons” that attracts several gamer’s to come and play with them. Although other gaming cafes are just using ordinary or standard materials, it’s way better that you should try the best ones ahead.



Without further ado, here are the five super weapons you should use to maximize the gaming experience once and for all:


1 – Gaming motherboard

gaming motherboard
So far, this is the most essential of all. You can’t experience gaming into the highest level without this one. This is the difference maker, while the rest is just optional but highly recommended. Most of the games today requires high specifications to become playable, and gaming motherboard can easily do the part. Be sure that you’ll be looking for a good and reliable brand available in your market today.


2 – Gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard
Let’s now go to the external part. Since the gaming motherboard is more on internal, the gaming keyboard and the rest of the “weapons” mentioned are external. To tell you honestly, this is my favorite super gaming material of all time. Most of the internet stations are using standard and ordinary keyboards like the A4Tech. Keyboards specifically for gamers are kinda different and a bit wider. The unique style and flashing dim lights below the keys are somewhat made you feel like a true PC gaming enthusiast like no other.


3 – Gaming mouse and pad

gaming mouse
One of the highly attracted “weapons” you see while playing computer games is a gaming mouse. Combining it with a high quality gaming mouse pad (only if the mouse is hard to move in your computer table), this will probably give you an experience of a lifetime. It’s unique design and features will surely blow your own mind away for good. There are many brands you can find for gaming mouse and pad, but make sure that you only choose the best.


4 – Gaming headset

gaminh headset
This is one of my favorite super gaming “weapons” of all, which is no other than the gaming headset. As you can see, there are several brands of gaming headsets you can find around the corner. If you are about to choose one, make sure that you need to do your homework by researching the best gaming headsets available today.
Razer is one of the most popular headsets that you can find in the local and online market today. There are several models you can choose from. This was mostly used when you communicate with other online players who are playing with you through gaming voice chat software like Curse. You can choose other brands if you like which is more appealing and comfortable for you to wear on while playing games.


5 – Gaming chair

gaming chair
Pic credit The craziest gaming chair

Although this may be optional, but you have the edge. Not only it will make you comfortable, but it also helps avoiding back pain while playing. Gaming chairs are usually used by eSports players during tournaments. These chairs are also seen in some internet and gaming cafes, but mostly in the VIP section. For regular customers, gaming cafes are only using regular plastic chairs for their customers to sit. But with the gaming chair, you can lean your entire back and head as much as you want. In this way, you can relax while playing your favorite hardcore game.


Final Remarks

You may have learned a lot here, but it won’t be valuable without trying them yourself. Even though there’s no intention of forcing you to take my advice, but it’s all about suggesting what’s best for you as a hardcore gamer. However, it’s still totally up to you on whether you’re going to take advantage with them or not. These “super” gaming weapons are likely going to be a difference maker in the world of gaming, either for fun or for eSports tournaments.

Jeff Caceres is a freelance writer and blogger who is passionate to share tips and advice about computers and technology. He likes to explore and research something new in computers and technology that would benefit enthusiasts from around the world. Visit the website at Reviews academy.

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