what song is thisWe are discussing about audio recognition technique or reverse music search, with this technique one can identify any song with lyrics typed in, or singing  few lines or playing somewhere else around.


There are many apps which do the job for you, we have listed 5 best out of them that.




Shazam is the best, quickest and easiest way to discover more about music, TV and ads. Hold your phone up to the music or TV to identify a song.

The free version offers you a very limited number of recordings and identifying songs, only 5 songs a month compared to the full version having no limit.

Download and try on your device [Android | iOS | Mac | Windows Phone | Windows PC Desktop]


Best 5 Shazam Alternatives



SoundHoundMusic recognition + Live Lyrics for music playing around you. SoundHound can even identify songs you SING.

Download on your Device [Android | iOS | Blackberry | Windows Phone]





Midomi is a web based reverse Music search engine that helps you to identify a song when you sing at least for 10 seconds or play an audio and it will identify the song and display the results.



MusixmatchMusiXmatch [world’s largest lyrics catalog] app can find exactly which song you’re looking for, you can just type the lyrics, allows you to tag and save lyrics, and you can later browse them offline.

It also lets you Instantly get the lyrics you’re looking for and play the song from Youtube or Spotify.

Download [Android | iOS | Windows Phone]




Spotsearch lets you type in lyrics and search the song you are looking for that you’ve heard on the radio or elsewhere.

Download [ Android | iOS ]





MusicID can identify over 28 million songs from its database. Find songs by searching by artist name, song title, or lyric phrase.

Download [Android | iOS ]


Let us know the best music finder app that you have, in the comments below.

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