If you are that Facebook user who is quite annoyed by seeing the same old jokes, selfies, one liners, and you quit Facebook just few minutes after log in and takes weeks to get back.

Its time for you to change the environment, you may find something awesome if you scroll scroll down.


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1 The Happy Page:

the happy pageThe Happy Page This page is awesome they always comes up with another reason what makes you happy, they displays clip arts of the stuff we do that makes us Happy.


2 Now Thats Funny Shit!?

Now thats funny shitNow Thats Funny Shit! ? Join them for some laughs they post new pictures, videos and jokes everyday!


3 What The Fuck Facts

what the fuck funny facebook pagesWhat The Fuck Facts Its not a funny page, It posts facts which can be quite bizarre what makes it funny and interesting is comments on them.


4 Funny Pictures

Funny picturesFunny pictures Its an entertainment page which posts funny pictures.


5 Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes

what the fuck funny facebook pagesRajnikant V/s CID Jokes This page is about Indian Mega start Rajnikant and a Tv serial call CID, this is funny you will love it all the way.


6. The BACK Benchers

the backbenchersThe backbenchers its a broadcasting & media production · Sports & recreation · Arts & entertainment page.


7  Epic Troll

Epic TrollEpic Troll We don’t always troll but when we do then it’s EPIC! that’s what this page says.


8. Humor meets comics

Humor meets comics

Humor Meets Comics  is a laughter platform on Facebook, where you will find humorous quotes, funny quotes, memes and comics and trolls.


9 Troll Football

troll footballTroll Football WARNING: Don’t like us if you can’t take a troll on your favorite team.


10 Funny Or Die

funny or dieTo make you laugh, out loud Funny or Die.

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April 27, 2017

hello, Please help me with some funny and unique facebook page name which i would like to use it for my facebook page. The page has full of funny videos which makes you laugh.

September 13, 2016

Where BELIKEBRO Page ??

Adam Bennett
June 13, 2016


The great list of funny and humour generating Facebook pages.
I’m really excited to visit each of them,

coz these days i am exploring my hilarious side, & i found
various websites on funny content, the most interesting i found was http://www.vibeviral.com

Keep posting more buddy!

Adam Bennett