Privacy is the biggest concern while using a social networking site, we do not want some of our posts and photos to be publicly visible and have comments by people whom we don’t even know.

Fortunately, we can customize our stuffs which we want to share only with whom we want. Here we go step by step and explain how to manage your privacy settings.


1. Fist of all lets figure out how your profile looks like, after login Facebook go to your timeline on the right corner you see a button with 3 dots after Update info and view activity logs like shown in the below image.

facebook view as profile

Click on view as from the drop down it will show you how your profile looks publicly, you can also select specific person from friends list and view how your profile looks.

Now you can decide what needs to be visible on public.


2. Managing posts

It’s really hectic when someone comments on status updates who has nothing to do with it, so managing friends is important.

On the right corner of your Facebook home page you can see a link call friends  click on it and create groups example close friends, college friends, school friends or office friends, just click on create a list name it as you like and on the members box write the names of friends you want to add in that group after adding all click on create group, see in the image below.

facebook managed friend list

Now you can choose with whom you would like to share your latest updates.


facebook privacy on updates

3. Managing Friends

Our half of the work has already been done when we created groups of friends but what about those friends who are annoying and you cant even Unfriend them ?

Simply go to their timeline and mouseover on friends tab from the drop down click add to another list and select Restricted, now they can only see stuff that your public followers can see except that they are friends with you.

Restrict friends on facebook

4 Setting security

 Go to Facebook settings and on the left click on security  you can set an alert so that Facebook would send you an email or text message that an unknown computer or mobile is login into your account.

facebook alert settings

5. logging out remotely or ending all sessions 

If  any doubts comes in your mind that you didn’t log out last time from your friends mobile or any cyber cafe or college library, More importantly lost your mobile you can end all the sessions and log out remotely just go to settings and Security settings at the bottom of the page, you will notice a section called “Active Sessions.”  When you hit “End All Activity,” Facebook will log out your account from every computer and mobile device that you have an active session .


6. Do you want not to be found when someone search for you? just go to privacy from settings and on the bottom you have a option who can look me up? you can have multiple options to protect your privacy like manage limit the Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline, who can send you friend request, who can search you with your mobile number or email address you can limit yourself from Facebook search.

who can look me up facebook

Do you want other search engines to link to your Timeline?

 uncheck this option and your timeline wouldn’t be visible anymore on search engine results.


7. Managing applications

Go to settings and click on Apps if you have used any app it will show you the apps you have used you can remove unwanted apps just click on edit and on the bottom click remove app.

Next you can see Apps others use click on edit and uncheck categories which you do not want applications to access.


8. Turn on Tag review

lets you verify and approve contents that your friends tags before they appear on your timeline to do this > go to settings and click on Timeline and Tagging

and click edit right to how can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions? and then from the drop down enable this option.


9. Managing your contacts info

 This is the most important step make sure your phone number or email address are not visible to public or friends of friends.

Best option is limit it to yourself only, to do this go to your profile info and click on find contact information select mobile phones and click edit and from the drop down select only me or may be you can share with your close friends.

facebook security hide mobile number

You can select email field to and follow the same process to limit its visibility.


10 Be Offline from chats those who bites

“Look who is online, logout quick. Oh no he said Hi”.  Customize  your chat and be visible only to those whom you likes to chat.

On the chat window click on the gear icon select turn off chat for friend with whom you are not comfortable to chat.

facebook offline chat


Leave your comments and let us know more about how we can gain privacy and security.

icon-bullhorn  change password occasionally, do not click on the links which claims to get you likes on post, photos or allow them to access you account information, manage your albums and photos privacy, manage who can send you friends request , managed your profile info contents.

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