twitter epic tweetsWe’ve collected Twitter’s favorite tweets.
Here are the tweets Twitter considers worth celebrating:

1 American’s election

2.Osama Bin Laden Raid

3 Hurricane Sandy:

4 American Red cross

5 Mike Bloomberg

6. Plane in Hudson

7.Twitter co-founder Jack’s first tweet.

8. Water found on Mars

9. An Everest climber Kuriki Tweeted.

10 Super Bowl tweet

11 Royal Baby is born

12 Wheat thins ad

13 Bonobos Twitter sale

14 Oprah Winfrey’s first tweet in 2009

15 This exchange between William Shatner and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield

16 Wael Ghonim, a Google employee at the time, used Facebook and Twitter
to help spur demonstrations in Egypt leading into the Arab Spring

17 The Stock Market

18 Pope Francis’s tweet

19 BP Public Election

20 The account hacked.

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