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Online job-seeking is convenient. It’s also challenging when thinking about competition. Making your application stand out isn’t only a matter of how many qualifications a candidate has. Employers are looking for passionate and reliable employees, who like to know everything about their field. Most of them want to get a glimpse into a candidate’s life before inviting them to an interview, so a clean and trustworthy online persona is a must to be considered for a meeting.



Let’s see which are the best social media tools that can make ideal candidates out of applicants:




brand your self

BrandYourself is one of the most overlooked tools a job seeker could benefit from. Its aim is to replace online reputation management services by guiding the user through a few easy, but critical steps to clear up their online persona. Users can submit their websites, blogs, or social media profiles for manual and automatic analysis, observe their evolution and the overall search score, and even see who googled them.

Instead of contracting unreasonably expensive services that often put quantity over quality and keep their clients in the dark, job seekers can be assisted by a professional at a fair price or use the BrandYourself free tools to shape out a general idea about their online situation and how to improve it.

It’s not just for those with a turbulent past experience that’s irrelevant to their professional experience, but would give employers second thoughts about them anyway. It’s also for people who want to build an online front that will make them reliable in the eyes of employers and hiring managers.





Canva is a great design tool for those who have a blog or website and little to no experience in image editing. It’s quick, easy to use, and provides professional results. The features users can benefit from are diverse: From image enhancing, icons or sticker creation, to complex designs for business cards, flyers, magazine or book covers, presentations, and many more.



Rep’n Up


A smart tool that is best used with BrandYourself to quickly clean up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. It works by scanning the text from your posts, your photo descriptions, and your comments. However, what is different about Rep’n Up is its ability to also identify potentially damaging images on your profile. The algorithm behind is not 100% effective, but it is useful.

It is a bit easier to use than BrandYourself and it also offers fewer features and feedback. However, it’s great for job seekers with little online presence who can use it by itself to eliminate unwanted keywords from their social media accounts.



Google Alerts

google alerts

Google Alerts works by sending you an e-mail every time a new story about your chosen topics comes up. It’s useful for job seekers who want to follow companies in their field and be among the first to know when new positions appear. This can also provide useful information about the recruiting process: The ideal candidate, job requirements, and whether they use ITTS’ Test for Adult Basic Education or not.

This can help you prepare for upcoming interviews and provides discussion topics you maybe wouldn’t address otherwise. If your ideal company is interested in you and uses the Basic Education testing, you can find out more about how to prepare for it here.



LinkedIn Pulse

Similar to Google Alerts, LinkedIn Pulse allows you to stay in touch with key individuals at your desired companies. CEOs, Marketing Directors, or Hiring Managers of well-capitalized companies smartly use this tool to improve their online presence and talk about certain topics of interest to them. Reading these will make you better understand who you will be interviewing with and use this information to your advantage.

Smartly using these social media tools will enhance your online persona and give you real chances of getting hired. In a time when information is power, you have to exploit the online world as much as possible and use its features to your advantage, instead of letting them draw you back.



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