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Social media is like a double-edged sword that can easily take your marketing efforts to the next level, but can at the same time frustrate your marketing efforts by yielding no results. This is especially common when a business jumps on to the social media marketing bandwagon with high hopes only to get underwhelming results.

Although that is the reality, your hopes should not be dented since a good 92% of marketers admitted to holding social media marketing in very high esteem. So what makes the difference between the efforts that work and those that do not? There is no straight answer to that, but there definitely are ways to move your business from the nonperforming bracket to that which effectively utilizes social media.

One of the easiest ways to do so is the use of social media tools. They are designed to help social media marketers capitalize on the most prominent advantage of social media: Sharing. They help you share better content from your site and from other sites with great offering.




This stands for If This; Then That. It is a Swiss army knife tool that is available for free for full functionality. It allows you to define the “this” and the “that.” For instance, if you follow a certain website and would like to share their content, you enter if “it publishes a new article,” then “email me.”

That is a simple example above, but there are many more recipes (the series of events you define) available such as creating an automatic calendar. The IFTTT tool is usable with LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Its biggest disadvantage is that it has a bit of a learning curve.


2> Edgar



Social media marketing is notorious for overwhelming the audience with new content and making it difficult to reuse older content. This is a significant challenge in the view of the importance of reposting old content on social media so that the people who did not notice it in earlier instances get the chance to do so.

Edgar allows you to schedule your sharing in different categories, one of which is sharing content multiple times – as much as you like. You can integrate Edgar with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to enjoy its functionality.



3> Bundlepost

bundle post


This great tool lets you schedule posts on all major social networks, although it requires a bit of interacting with in order to completely master its functionality. One outstanding feature is that Bundlepost replaces common keywords in a niche with predefined hashtags, which are great for your engagement that later translates to social media profits.

Additionally, the tool allows you to input keywords using the Bundle Feeds feature that it uses to find relevant media online to share on your social media channels. However, caution is advised when using this feature since it carries the risk of posting low-quality content to your site.



4> Essay writing Education

essay writing education

This is a dedicated academic writing website that has professional writers dedicated to tailoring whatever content you need as per your strict instructions. It eliminates the automation factor and gives a human feel to your work. The key is that it allows you to have content of top-notch quality, which is the beginning of success in social media marketing. No one will share poor quality content, after all.



5> AdParlor


This is a free mockup generator that works with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It shows you the various forms that your ad for the same content may be viewed. For instance, it may appear as a newsfeed for Facebook and video in Instagram. It has an interface that is smooth and easy to navigate so that you output exactly what you desire.



6> Inkybee


The world seems to have arrived at the consensus that you cannot overestimate the power of influence in social media marketing. However, a challenge may arise in picking the right influence to link up with and entrust with promoting your product. What with anyone claiming to be the right person for you?

Inkybee allows you to search through all social media sites for influences in your particular field of expertise. It allows you to enter a keyword and then searches through all blogs and displays results ordered as per the blog’s visibility, relevance, and engagement. Then, the choice is not so hard anymore.



7> Bitly


Sharing links can be a bit messy and the links unattractive if you post them as they are, and even prohibitive if you are on Twitter’s 140 character budget. Bitly steps in with a solution to this problem, shortening your links and following up once it’s posted to see how many times the link is opened.



8> SproutSocial


This is an integrated social media management tool that was tailored with SMEs in mind. You can use it to monitor the number of mentions you get on social media and respond to them. Additionally, you may use the messages to create tasks that make for a smooth, personalized experience should a client contact you on social media.




Benedict Brytcha

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July 28, 2016

While social media marketing is not a piece of cake even with the right tools, they definitely make it a whole lot easier.
Sharing content is certainly one of the most important aspects of the social strategy. Another one I personally find equally as relevant is social listening. Although you can track some of the social metrics with the tools you listed, I believe dedicated social listening tools like, for instance, should be in every marketer’s toolkit. Not only are they invaluable when it comes to tracking brand mentions, but also can be of great help when it comes to online reputation management, customer service or social lead generation.