Getting more out of facebookWe have earlier discussed about some of the important privacy settings to make your account more secure and set limitations to some friends within your friend list and public check out here guide to Facebook privacy. Before we begin also see what not to do on Facebook.


Being an advance facebook user

Do you know you can post your updates at the time you have schedule even you are not in Facebook, this is helpful for those who want to maintain pages update their fans regularly but do not have enough time to do so, learn how to auto post. This feature is also available in your account you need to go to your profile and click whats in your mind (the status box)and click on clock icon below to set date and time to schedule post after you fill the box with text, photo or link.


Do you have Facebook page want to sell stuffs ? yes you can do this on your Facebook itself no hosting required, Ecwid is Facebook app that lets you create an store on your Facebook page, learn more from the app link given.


Merge Facebook pages


If you have two different Facebook pages you can always merge, merging two different Facebook pages allows you to keep all of your fans in one place, sometime we have two different Facebook pages but its contents and names are almost same.


You must meet these conditions before you can merge pages:
icon-arrow-circle-right You must have “Manager” access for the pages.
icon-arrow-circle-right The Pages must have similar content.
icon-arrow-circle-right The Pages must have similar names.


Above all Facebook will self detect if you can merge pages and the option to merge page will be visible on page settings, if you have just go to page settings and click on merge pages option a window will pop with the page name that can be merge with the page you are in, just check the box and click on merge.


Invite your friends


You can invite your friends with their phone numbers or email address or import friends from your windows outlook, yahoo or AOL accounts, just go to the invite page, either invite with their email address or phone number or import them once they joined Facebook they will be automatically be added to your friend list.


Create interest list

interest list

Interest list are optional way to organize the content you are interested in Facebook, you can create a list of friends and pages just click on the link and select pages and friends to create a list.



Convert your Facebook timeline (profile or account) into a page:


You can convert your existing Facebook user account to a page, what happens when you do this ?

All of your friends and followers will become fans of your new Facebook page.
Your username will become the username for the page.
The name of the page will the your name
Your profile picture will become your page’s picture. (You can change it anytime)
Now you won’t be able to see personal messages from that was in the old profile

After all your account will become a page


Steps Before Converting To A Page:


Download a copy of your Facebook data by going to Facebook settings below you will see a link to download Facebook data.

Assign new administrator if you have any pages or groups.


Now start migrating


Here are some more hidden Facebook tips only power user knows.


1> Unfollow boring friends.


2> Tips to increase privacy.


3> learn how to run a successful ad campaign.

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