best business pages on fbHaving more than over 1.39 billion monthly active Facebook users, Every 60 seconds on Facebook 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded and there are 42 million Facebook pages.


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That’s lil stats about Facebook, now lets see the best Facebook Business,small business and individual business pages based on their growth, how active they are and how they respond to their fans, the first in our list is …


Rackspace Hosting

Rackspace Hosting

Rackspace Hosting Although they do not have a very high engagement on their Facebook page, but they keep updating their page whenever they comes up with new things, they provide best response to clients who posts complaints and feedbacks on their page.

Rackspace Hosting response


Coca Colacoca cola
Coca Cola Page is loved by its followers they update their post daily, response to audience and somehow leaves interesting facts about Coca Cola, they do their home work very well before they post. The followers growth has been drastic over the years.



Amazon Even they have more than 25 Million fans amazon always response to good and bad feedbacks very positively.

amazon response to customers



skype page fbSkype With 30,260,821 likes, they mostly update about their new products or their achievements about how they helped people to communicate with Skype.

As soon as they do you may notice thousands of spam comments on their posts sharing their Skype username, and Skype page administrators have been always successful they immediately remove them and blocks the user to protect the users interest.


Small Business pages


Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails is a family-owned, direct-to-consumer catalog and internet retailer of lifestyle apparel, gifts, and gear for white-tailed deer hunters and their families.


Whats good:

Answers every post

awesome posts and pictures

Updates daily


Pool Supply World

PoolSupplyWorldPool Supply World is an online retailer deals with the parts and products for swimming pools and spas.


Whats Good

Entertains fans

Answers every posts

Regularly posts video and pictures.



EarthegyEarthegy Is an online shop for gemstone jewelry and crystals from Chrisy, lover of rocks, cowboys, wine, family.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 1.k users which is great for any eCommerce site.

Answers every posts

Regularly posts video and pictures about news launches.


Individual business pages


Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice

Rebakah is herself is a social media expert and her page proves it, she updates daily and she always leaves good comments to all her followers.




Superwoman She is an You-tuber who makes videos every week, funny, motivational,dance moves, reviews, she is being so much loved by all her followers some kids even creates assignments for her.





Wonkette by Sara K. Smith page has excellent reviews, fan following regular updates & response so she makes her in our list.

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April 6, 2015

Hi Allenage team, this is Cindy from Amazon social media, Thank you very much for listing our page.