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Forget about the official Twitter app which is juts plain and simple. There are many Free and paid third party Twitter apps that are much better than the official one.


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Here we list 5 best Free third party Twitter apps for your iPhone and iPad.


1 Twitterrific 5 for Twitter

Twitterrific 5 for Twitter

Twitterrific 5  Is  a universal app for iPhone,iPad and Apple watch, it allows live streaming of tweets over WiFi. Has a Robust multi-image support. Allows you to Muffle or mute hashtags, users, or URLs that you don’t want to see, the best part is that it works in landscape mode.


2 Echofon for Twitter

Echofun for Twitter
Echofon for Twitter Allows you to Tweet over 140 characters with our proprietary tweet extender. Mute selected users, hashtags and other nuisances within your Twitter timeline. Lets you access multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.


3 UberSocial for Twitter

uber social

Uber social Allows you to compose advance Tweet “Now Playing” or last photo taken with easy shortcuts. Allows you pick Friend and Hashtag so that you can easily grow your followers, you can Cross-post to Facebook with one easy click. It has advanced search and trending screens.


4 TweetCaster for Twitter

TweetCaster for Twitter

With TweetCaster you can have unlimited Twitter accounts, you can Post Tweets to Facebook. Get In-app Notifications. Other features include iTunes Music Sharing and purchasing integration. Geolocation/Nearby functionality.


5 Eddy for Twitter

Eddy for Twitter

Eddy for Twitter Is especially for those who are really busy folks, it animates through your twitter feed, one tweet at a time in a fullscreen display, you can read the latest tweets while keeping your hands free for cooking or coding or eating.

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