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It the day of the year where everyone is working on making the prediction on social media for the year 2017. The first thing we do is make a list of sites that will boost or die in the coming year. Also, not to forget to check out the other favorite blogs to get some insight on the upcoming forecast on social media.

Instead of fussing about the upcoming events, here is the insight on the foresee trend we can expect in the online social world. This time, no one is expecting a significant shift in any of the big social media platforms. Twitter will remain on top for most trending news and paid social media will be the thing for people. To sum up, we hope that all the platforms will grow and evolve with time.

So, here what you can do right now and in future to own the success of social media platform in 2017.


1. Make a Full Proof Social Media Plan:

The best way to achieve success with your social media marketing is by making your goals for next year. Once you have set your goals, pen down the strategy to conquer them. Think about all the ways to promote your blog and what things you should strictly avoid while doing marketing on popular media platforms. Make sure that everything you plan should be realistic and can be molded if you see sudden change in social media world.


2. Engagement with Your Key Audience:

There are a lot of options for social media channels when it comes to promoting your brand. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to be visible at each one of them. Sort the platforms wisely and choose them as per requirement of the brand. We have seen that Facebook once was on top for major promotion which has now been taken over by Instagram and Twitter. Do a survey on where your audiences are and make an effort on promoting your brand on these platforms only.


3. Video in New Social Media Trend:

Video promotion is taking over the social media industry like anything. The companies have realized the power of video advertising which can be seen on platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram, Live on YouTube, and Periscope. As per your brand or blog, make videos accordingly and post on the site where your target audience lies. Keep your video simple yet quirky to engage the audience.


4. Invest in the Social Advertising:

Investing in social media advertising is still a challenge for many of us still if done smartly, you can boost the popularity of your blog or site marginally. Make a compelling ad that defines your product in a unique way that stands out among the mass. If you do it in a right way, you will generate more leads than ever before. Social media advertising may be an expensive option for promotion, but with the lead generating power, it is also the most cost effective way to reach targeted audience.


5. Content for Better Social Interaction:

People now expects a quality content from the sites where the article give a clear insight about the product or site. If you own a brand, make sure it gets promoted with the help of quality content. Delivery your thought with the aid of valuable content get you more audiences. Also, you can quickly make a mark in social media communities with useful articles.


So, these are my simple goals to get success with social media in 2017. Let us know about your plans and strategies as sharing thoughts makes the social media what it is today.



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