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You have might Tweeted and Favorited a lot of opinions and jokes in the past and now when you look back things have really changed, and you want to look back and removed them from your account.


But they are lot in numbers and you can’t really go one by one to remove them from your account.

Thankfully we have Twitter Achiever Eraser which can delete your oldest Tweets, favorites and DMS in one click!


Today we will see how to use Twitter Archive Eraser and bulk delete tweets and favorites.


Head on to Archive Eraser download page

download archieve eraser

Note: If you do not have the .NET Framework 4.5 installed on your computer, choose the “Installer or Setup Version”. If you already have the .NET Framework 4.5 installed, you may use the portable standalone version.

Installer or Setup Version will download .NET frame work and will run again.

Once you have downloaded the file, extract the ZIP package and double-click the Twitter Archive Eraser application.


On the new Twitter Archive Eraser window, check the option “I accept” section and then click “Sign In”. You’ll then be asked to authorize the app to access your account by signing to your Twitter account.

sign in

After you sign-in, you’ll be given a verification PIN. Type the PIN on the input box. Click “OK” to confirm. Once verified, select whether you want to delete your tweet, favorites or direct messages.

Twitter Archive Eraser Step1

If you select delete tweets, it will ask to download your Twitter archive click on “request archive “.Your archive will be sent to your email just download it.

delete-tweets-Twitter-Archive-Eraser-eAnd then load it to Twitter Archive Eraser, now select the year or month for the tweets that you wants to delete and hit next.


Once you have selected a month you will prompted with all your previous tweets made on that month, you can even filter tweets and delete them.



Follow the same steps for favorites to bulk delete favorites. Here is the below demonstration of the complete steps.

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Manav Bhathal
December 5, 2015

Amazing. Just Amazing. Thanks man.