Chat AbbreviationsChatting online on Internet can sometimes be hectic when you don’t know exactly what the other person is saying, I remember few years back when I was chatting with a friend she suddenly said IDK! I kept wondering what that really mean? Untill two days after I came to Know she Just said I don’t Know, Lmao.


Today we have collected 600 Most commonly used Chat Abbreviations or Chat Slangs have a look.


AAMOFas a matter of fact
ABFLa big fat lady
ADNany day now
AFAICas far as I’m concerned
AFAICTas far as I can tell
AFAICSas far as I can see
AFAIKas far as I know
AFAYCas far as you’re concerned
AFKaway from keyboard
AISIas I see it
AIUIas I understand it
AKAalso known as
AMLall my love
ANFSCDand now for something completely different
ASAPas soon as possible
ASLassistant section leader
ASLage, sex, location
ASLPage, sex, location, picture
ASOPassistant system operator
ATMat this moment
AWAas well as
AWHFYare we having fun yet?
AWGTHTGTTAare we going to have to go trough this again?
AWOLabsent without leave
AWOLaway without leave
AYORat your own risk
AYPI?and your point is?
B4Nbye for now
BACback at computer
BAGbusting a gut
BAKback at the keyboard
BBIABbe back in a bit
BBLbe back later
BBLBNTSBO…be back later but not to soon because of…
BBRburnt beyond repair
BBSbe back soon
BBSbulletin board system
BCbe cool
BCnUbe seeing you
BEGbig evil grin
BFNbye for now
BGbig grin
BIONbelieve it or not
BIOYIOBblow it out your I/O port
BITMTbut in the meantime
BMbite me
BMBbite my bum
BMTIPGbrilliant minds think in parallel gutters
BKAbetter known as
BLbelly laughing
BOBback off bastard
BOLbe on later
BOMbitch of mine
BOTback on topic
BRBbe right back
BRBBbe right back bitch
BRBSbe right back soon
BRHbe right here
BRSbig red switch
BSbig smile
BSbull shit
BSFbut seriously folks
BSTbut seriously though
BTAbut then again
BTAIMbe that as it may
BTDTbeen there done that
BTOBDbe there or be dead
BTOBSbe there or be square
BTSOOMbeats the shit out of me
BTWby the way
BUDWEISERbecause you deserve what every individual should ever receive
BWQbuzz word quotient
BWTHDIKbut what the heck do I know
BYOBbring your own bottle
BYOHBat You Onna Head
C&Gchuckle and grin
CADETcan’t add, doesn’t even try
CDIWYcouldn’t do it without you
CFVcall for votes
CFScare for secret?
CFYcalling for you
CIDcrying in disgrace
CIMCompuServe information manager
CLMcareer limiting move
CM@TWcatch me at the web
CMIIWcorrect me if I’m wrong
CNPcontinue in next post
CRAFTcan’t remember a f**king thing
CRScan’t remember shit
CSGchuckle snicker grin
CTSchanging the subject
CUsee you
CU2see you too
CULsee you later
CUL8Rsee you later
CWOTcomplete waste of time
CWYLchat with you later
CYAsee ya
CYAcover your ass
CYAL8Rsee ya later
CYOsee you online
DBAdoing business as
DFLAdisenhanced four-letter acronym
DHdarling husband
DIIKdarn if i know
DGAdigital guardian angel
DGARAdon’t give a rats ass
DIKUdo I know you?
DIRTFTdo it right the first time
DITYIDdid I tell you I’m distressed
DIYdo it yourself
DLdead link
DLTBBBdon’t let the bad bugs bite
DMMGHdon’t make me get hostile
DQMOTdon’t quote me on this
DNDdo not disturb
DTCdamn this computer
DTRTdo the right thing
DUCTdid you see that?
DWAIdon’t worry about it
DWIMdo what I mean
DWIMCdo what I mean, correctly
DWISNWIDdo what I say, not what I do
DYJHIWdon’t you just hate it when…
DYKdo you know
EAKeating at keyboard
EIEenough is enough
EGevil grin
EMFBIexcuse me for butting in
EMFJIexcuse me for jumping in
EMSGemail message
EODend of discussion
EOFend of file
EOLend of lecture
EOMend of message
EOSend of story
EOTend of thread
ETLAextended three letter acronym
EYCexcitable, yet calm
F/Fface to face
F2Fface to face
FAQfrequently asked questions
FAWCfor anyone who cares
FBOWfor better or worse
FBTWfine, be that way
FCFSfirst come, first served
FCOLfor crying out loud
FIFOfirst in, first out
FISHfirst in, still here
FLAfour-letter acronym
FOADf**k off and die
FOAFfriend of a friend
FOBf**k off bitch
FOCfree of charge
FOCLfalling of chair laughing
FOFLfalling on the floor laughing
FOSfreedom of speech
FOTCLfalling of the chair laughing
FTFface to face
FTTTfrom time to time
FUf**ked up
FUBARf**ked up beyond all recognition
FUDFUCTfear, uncertainty and doubt
FUCTfailed under continuas testing
FURTBfull up ready to burst (about hard disk drives)
FWIWfor what it’s worth
FYAfor your amusement
FYEfor your entertainment
FYEOfor your eyes only
FYIfor your information
G2Bgoing to bed
G&BITgrin & bear it
G2Ggot to go
G2GGS2Dgot to go get something to drink
G2GTACgot to go take a crap
G2GTAPgot to go take a pee
GAgo ahead
GAgood afternoon
GAFIAget away from it all
GALget a life
GASgreetings and salutations
GBHgreat big hug
GBH&Kgreat big huh and kisses
GBRgarbled beyond recovery
GBYgod bless you
GD&Hgrinning, ducking and hiding
GD&Rgrinning, ducking and running
GD&RAFAPgrinning, ducking and running as fast as possible
GD&REF&Fgrinning, ducking and running even further and faster
GD&RFgrinning, ducking and running fast
GD&RVFgrinning, ducking and running very
GD&Wgrin, duck and wave
GDWgrin, duck and wave
GEgood evening
GFETEgrinning from ear to ear
GFNgone for now
GFUgood for you
GGgood game
GGU2good game you two
GIGOgarbage in garbage out
GJgood job
GLgood luck
GL&GHgood luck and good hunting
GMgood morning / good move / good match
GMABgive me a break
GMAOgiggling my ass off
GMBOgiggling my butt off
GMTAgreat minds think alike
GNgood night
GOKgod only knows
GOWIget on with it
GPFgeneral protection fault
GR&Dgrinning, running and ducking
GtGgot to go
GTSYglad to see you
H/Ohold on
H&Khug and kiss
HAKhug and kiss
HAGDhave a good day
HAGNhave a good night
HAGShave a good summer
HAG1have a good one
HAHAhaving a heart attack
HANDhave a nice day
HBhug back
HBhurry back
HDYWTDThow do you work this dratted thing
HFhave fun
HHholding hands
HHIShanging head in shame
HHJKha ha, just kidding
HHOJha ha, only joking
HHOKha ha, only kidding
HHOSha ha, only seriously
HIHhope it helps
HILIACACLOhelp I lapsed into a coma and can’t log off
HIWTHhate it when that happens
HLMhe loves me
HMShome made smiley
HMShanging my self
HMThere’s my try
HOAShold on a second
HSIKhow should i know
HTHhope this helps
HTHBEhope this has been enlightening
HYLMShate you like my sister
AAAI am an accountant
IAALI am a lawyer
IACin any case
ICI see
IAEin any event
IAGit’s all good
IAGI am gay
IAIMin an Irish minute
IANAAI am not an accountant
IANALI am not a lawyer
IBNI’m bucked naked
ICOCBWI could of course be wrong
IDCI don’t care
IDGII don’t get it
IDGARAI don’t give a rat’s ass
IDGWin a good way
IDII doubt it
IDKI don’t know
IDTTI’ll drink to that
IFVBI feel very bad
IGPI gotta pee
IGTPI get the point
IHTFPI hate this f**king place
IHTFPI have truly found paradise
IHUI hate you
IHYI hate you
III’m impressed
IITI’m impressed too
IIRif I recall
IIRCif I recall correctly
IJWTKI just want to know
IJWTSI just want to say
IKI know
IKWUMI know what you mean
ILBCNUI’ll be seeing you
ILUI love you
ILYI love you
ILYFAEI love you forever and ever
IMAOin my arrogant opinion
IMFAOin my f***ing arrogant opinion
IMBOin my bloody opinion
IMCOin my considered opinion
IMEin my experience
IMHOin my humble opinion
IMNSHOin my, not so humble opinion
IMOin my opinion
IMOBOin my own biased opinion
IMPOVin my point of view
IMPI might be pregnant
INALI’m not a lawyer
INPOin no particular order
IOITI’m on Irish Time
IOWin other words
IRLin real life
IRMFII reply merely for information
IRSTBOit really sucks the big one
ISI’m sorry
ISENinternet search environment number
ISTMit seems to me
ISTRI seem to recall
ISWYMI see what you mean
ITFAin the final analysis
ITROin the reality of
ITRWin the real world
ITSFWIif the shoe fits, wear it
IVLin virtual live
IWALYI will always love you
IWBNIit would be nice if
IYKWIMif you know what I mean
IYSWIMif you see what I mean
JAMjust a minute
JASjust a second
JASEjust another system error
JAWSjust another windows shell
JICjust in case
JJWYjust joking with you
JKjust kidding
J/Kjust kidding
JMHOjust my humble opinion
JMOjust my opinion
JPjust playing
J/Pjust playing
JTLYKjust to let you know
JWjust wondering
KHYFknow how you feel
KBkiss back
KISSkeep it simple sister
KIS(S)keep it simple (stupid)
KISSkeeping it sweetly simple
KITkeep in touch
KMAkiss my ass
KMBkiss my butt
KMSMAkiss my shiny metal ass
KOTCkiss on the cheek
KOTLkiss on the lips
KUTGWkeep up the good work
KWIMknow what I mean?
L8R G8Rlater gator
LABlife’s a bitch
LAMleave a message
LBRlittle boys room
LDlong distance
LIMHlaughing in my head
LGlovely greetings
LIMHlaughing in my head
LGRlittle girls room
LHMLord help me
LHULord help us
LL&Plive long & prosper
LNKlove and kisses
LMAleave me alone
LMABOlaughing my ass back on
LMAOlaughing my ass off
MBOlaughing my butt off
LMHOlaughing my head off
LMFAOlaughing my fat ass off
LMKlet me know
LOLlaughing out loud
LOLlots of love
LOLlots of luck
LOLAlaughing out loud again
LOMLlight of my life (or love of my life)
LOMLILYlight of my life, I love you
LOOLlaughing out outrageously loud
LSHIPMPlaughing so hard I pissed my pants
LSHMBBlaughing so hard my belly is bouncing
LSHMBHlaughing so hard my belly hurts
LTNSlong time no see
LTRlong term relationship
LTSlaughing to self
LULASlove you like a sister
LUWAMHlove you with all my heart
LYlove ya
LYKlet you know
LYLlove ya lots
LYLABlove ya like a brother
LYLASlove ya like a sister
MYOBmind your own business
N2Mnot too much
N/Cnot cool
NETUAnobody ever tells us anything
NFIno f***ing idea
NLnot likely
NMnever mind / nothing much
N/Mnever mind / nothing much
NMHnot much here
NMJCnothing much, just chillin’
NOMno offense meant
NOTTOMHnot of the top of my mind
NOYBnone of your business
NOYFBnone of your f***ing business
NPno problem
NPSno problem sweet(ie)
NTAnon-technical acronym
N/Sno shit
OBTWoh, by the way
OICoh, I see
OFon fire
OFISon floor with stitches
OKabbreviation of oll korrect (all correct)
OLold lady (wife, girlfriend)
OMold man (husband, boyfriend)
OMGoh my god / gosh / goodness
OOCout of character
OTOff topic / other topic
OTOHon the other hand
OTTOMHoff the top of my head
P@Hparents at home
PAHparents at home
PAWparents are watching
PDSplease don’t shoot
PEBCAKproblem exists between chair and keyboard
PIZparents in room
PMprivate message
PMJIpardon my jumping in (Another way for PMFJI)
PMFJIpardon me for jumping in
PMPpeed my pants
POAHFput on a happy face
POOFI have left the chat
POTBpats on the back
POSparents over shoulder
PSpost script
PSApublic show of affection
PDApublic display affection
Q4Uquestion for you
REhi again (same as re’s)
RMErolling my eyses
ROFLrolling on floor laughing
ROFLAPMProlling on floor laughing and peed my pants
ROFLMAOrolling on floor laughing my ass off
ROFLOLAYrolling on floor laughing out loud at you
ROFLOLTSDMCrolling on floor laughing out loud tears streaming down my cheeks
ROFLOLWTIMErolling on floor laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
ROFLOLUTSrolling on floor laughing out loud unable to speak
ROTFLrolling on the floor laughing
RVDreally very dumb
RUTTMare you talking to me
RTFread the FAQ
RTFMread the f***ing manual
RTSMread the stupid manual
S2Rsend to receive
SAMAGALstop annoying me and get a live
SCNRsorry, could not resist
SETEsmiling ear to ear
SHso hot
SHsame here
SHICPMPso happy I could piss my pants
SHIDslaps head in disgust
SHMILYsee how much I love you
SNAFUsituation normal, all F***ed up
SOsignificant other
SOHFsense of humor failure
SOMYsick of me yet?
SPAMstupid persons’ advertisement
SSDDsame shit different day
STBYsucks to be you
STFUshut the f*ck up
STIstick(ing) to it
STWsearch the web
SWAKsealed with a kiss
SWALKsweet, with all love, kisses
SWLscreaming with laughter
SIMshit, it’s Monday
SITWBsorry, in the wrong box
S/Ushut up
SYSsee you soon
SYSOPsystem operator
TAthanks again
TCOtaken care of
TGIFthank god its Friday
THTHto hot to handle
TIAthanks in advance
TIICthe idiots in charge
TJMthat’s just me
TLAthree-letter acronym
TMAtake my advice
TMIto much information
TMSto much showing
TNSTAAFLthere’s no such thing as a free lunch
TOHto other half
TOYthinking of you
TPTBthe powers that be
TSDMCtears streaming down my cheeks
TT2Tto tired to talk
TTFNta ta for now
TTTthought that, too
TTULtalk to you later
TTYIAMtalk to you in a minute
TTYLtalk to you later
TTYLMFtalk to you later my friend
TUthank you
TWMAtill we meet again
TYthank you
TYVMthank you very much
U2you too
UAPITAyou’re a pain in the ass
UWyou’re welcom
URAQT!you are a cutie!
VBGvery big grin
VBSvery big smile
WUZMeaning “was”
WWJDWhat would Jesus do?
W8AMwait a minute
WAYwhat about you
WAYwho are you
WBwelcome back
WBSwrite back soon
WDHLMwhy doesn’t he love me
WDYWTTAWhat Do You Want To Talk About
WFMworks for me
WNDITWBwe never did it this way before
WPwrong person
WRTwith respect to
WTFwhat/who the F***?
WTGway to go
WTGPwant to go private?
WTHwhat/who the heck?
WTMIway to much information
WUwhat’s up?
WUDwhat’s up dog?
WUFwhere are you from?
WUWTwhats up with that
WYMMwill you marry me?
WYSIWYGwhat you see is what you get
XTLAextended three letter acronym
Y2Kyou’re too kind
YATByou are the best
YBSyou’ll be sorry
YGyoung gentleman
YHBBYBDyou’d have better bet your bottom dollar
YKYWTKMyou know you want to kiss me
YLyoung lady
YLyou ’ll live
YMyou mean
YMyoung man
YMMDyou’ve made my day
YMMVyour mileage may vary
YVMyou’re very welcom
YWyou’re welcome
YWIAyou’re welcome in advance
YWTHMyou want to hug me
YWTLMyou want to love me
YWTKMyou want to kiss me
YOYOyou’re on your own
YY4Utwo wise for you
ZZZZFeeling bored
ZTOZero Tolerence
ZupMeaning “What’s up?”
ZMeaning “Said”
ZHSleeping Hour

Refrences: muller-godschalk   Webopedia

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