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Once I shared a link of my Facebook page to my friends on their wall and in their Inbox (off course its also irritating
) but they were driving me nuts by asking me what is that and those whom i posted on wall instead of liking on the page they were simply liking my link. :/

Accept that we sometimes see our friends on Facebook doing pretty annoying things unknowingly that we do not like.

Here we quickly make a list of things we should not do and irritate our friends.


1. Spoiling a conversation with “K”Hmm” and the famous “lol“.

Don’t do this the others user has nothing to say after that.


2. Stop liking your own posts and photos and comments.Its very annoying to many people out there.


3. Stop gathering opinions posts which say, Hit like if you agree and comment if you disagree, this is really annoying to see.


4. Do not keeping updating your status every minute whatever next happens to you.

annoying facebook updates


and next

annoying Facebook updates 2

adding updates such as just woke up, feeling tired, getting bored is not liked by anyone.


4. Sending game requests Stop inviting peoples to the games you play ‘ people hate this when they see games notifications while they log in to their account ‘


5. Are you secretly watching any ones’s activities on Facebook? Please stop Facebook stalking.


6. Do not upload your private photos keep it to yourselves as and nobody gives a damn to your bathroom Selfies.

awkward selfies


7. No one is not worried about your Daily fortune, how much you are in love today or who viewed your profile. Stop sharing the results you gets from apps.


8. Do not tag your own pic to gets likes, it shows how desperate you are.


9. Do not comment on those posts,  where you have nothing to do with it, or you do not have any idea what it is about.


10.  Useless Hashtags  So think you’re being fun and witty by speaking in hashtags: #ImJustSayin, #OhHellNo, #Omg, #BestThingEver. You’re lame and #Noonecares.


icon-bullhorn  Most importantly do not add strangers and keep asking for reply


Have you experience more ??? Leave them in comments.


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