whatsapp facebook smiley meaningsUsing Emojis, smileys and stickers on Social Network to express when you are sad, angry or happy? then you must be the one who is enjoying those moments. But how you choose to pick up one there are hundreds of them.


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In this Post we show you what does Smileys, emojis and  stickers stands for on Facebook and WhatsApp.


Facebook Common Stickers


Meep Sticker
happySmiling or Happy face
laughingLaughing at others
laughing bigLaughing, big grin
heart eye“good to see you”, “good to know that”.
tears of joyTears of joy
sad lookFrowny Sad look
angry faceAngry face sticker, furrow and creased.
sad weepingSad and weeping sticker
utterly shocked and surprisedUtterly shocked and surprised
whinnyReally whiny and pouty
start struckedStar-struck or fascinated
loudLoud & obnoxious
whinny and poutySlightly whiny and pouty
grinGrin / Giggle sticker
geekGeek sticker, fixed a problem
gloomyGloomy or depressed
vomitVomit sticker, sick during conversation
sillySilly, Stupid, Joke
shyShy sticker
anger frustationAnger or frustration

Shocked or embarrassed
winkWink sticker.
unsureThinking or unsure
embarrassedEmbarrassed and shy
angelAngel sticker
coolCool, side smile sticker with glasses.
full mouthFull mouth or baby face sticker.
confusedDizzy or confused
irritationIrritation or slight disbelief
anger and resentmentAnger and resentment
anger and revengeAnger and revenge
disappointedDisappointed, feeling awkward, unhappy.

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WhatsApp Emoji 58 Smileys and Emoji defined

whatsapp emoji meaning

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