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What is Facebook Boost Post?


If you have a Facebook Fan page and you have posted an update you see an option call boost post, boosted posts are those posts that appear higher in News Feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will see them.


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What kinds of posts you can boost?
You can boost most posts you create on your Page, including status updates, photos, videos and offers.

Note: You can only boost posts that were written after June 21, 2012.

Read more about Facebook advertising policies.


Where do my boosted posts show on Facebook? What do they look like?


Boosted posts appear higher in News Feed. Boosted posts are labeled Sponsored. Boosted posts don’t appear in the right column of Facebook.

They look like this:

example of a facebook boosted post


How do I boost a post from my Page?



To boost posts on your Page:

Go to a post you’ve posted on your Facebook page and then click Boost Post in the lower-right corner.

bosting a pageChoose your audience here you have 3 types of audience to choose from:-

1 People who like your Page
2 People who like your Page and their friends
3 People you choose through targeting

People you choose through targeting is the best option as option 1 and 2 won’t give you higher results.

After you have selected option 3 click on create new audience, give it a name select location you want to target, select the age range of the audience that will be interested in your post, you can also select the gender and the interest of audience you want to reach.


Note: The more you filter the less audience you will reach, but may give higher results.

creating audience

After you have selected you Audience clicks on save, now its time to prepare for


Budget and Duration



From the Total budget, option click the drop – down option to select the amount you want to spend or click on Choose your own to enter your own budget.


Now from the Duration option select how many days you want to boost the post,  and then select a payment option.

And now Click Boost Post, now Facebook will review your pots if it doesn’t violets their ads policy [Fb ad policy] your post will be boosted after a short while.


A boosted page looks like this showing how many people it reached and how much amount is left to keep it running.

boosted post Happy boosting!

 Let us know about your recent Facebook post boost and how it helped you.

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