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Video marketing has become the latest trend and no wonder. It has shown amazing results, and marketers who still haven’t started video marketing should embrace it, and fast. Although YouTube is known as the biggest platform for marketing your videos, social media platforms such as Facebook are stepping up their game and are catering to video enthusiasts daily.


Considering the fact that over 8 million videos are uploaded daily on Facebook, and viewers are loving them, it’s the right time to look into video marketing on Facebook. Stay tuned for our tips on how to make them stand out and capture the attention of your audience.

1# Upload Directly
While links from YouTube are okay, if you want to draw attention to your YouTube channel and gain exposure on your Facebook page, it’s best to stick to uploading directly to Facebook. This way, you get a better chance to grab attention of your viewers, because it’s much easier to click on a video that’s integrated in their feed page.
As a matter of fact, they don’t even have to click on the video, as the auto play feature on Face book does this for them. They immediately get to the first few seconds of your video and you already have a better chance of getting more followers. Experience has shown that most people stick around to see the first few seconds of the video, and if you’ve made the first few seconds tempting, they will probably want to check out your page too.

2# Impress in the first few seconds

This leads us to our next point. You want to keep your videos short, but at the same time deliver the message that you want everyone to know. Even if your service or product isn’t as exciting and shocking you might like it to be in order to draw attention, your videos can be. The trick is to gain attention as soon as the viewers hit the play button.
EssayonTime writer George Fullton says, ‘High-quality content is key for any industry, whether it comes to writing articles, like we do our creating content for video marketing. It’s the essence of a well-based marketing strategy, as well-researched, attractive content is going to get you the right attention.’
So take some time and think about what you’re going to say or present in the first few seconds of the video. It needs to make a big impact and draw their attention so that they keep on watching.

3# Maintain exclusivity
If you want your video to be more desirable, then you should maintain exclusivity. Don’t share it on other platforms, just on your Facebook Page. Although, sharing a video on all your platforms seems like the most logical thing to do, if you only keep it on Facebook you’ll intrigue your viewers and always lead them back to the page where they can find it. A little mystery never hurt anyone’s marketing strategy.



4# Request Action
Including a call-to-action is a must, especially when you’re uploading a video. While it’s essential to deliver the right message, it’s important to remind people that they should take action. After all, the point of marketing is to get your viewers to take certain action. There are several options to choose from, as soon as you upload the video. You can choose from ’Learn More’, ’Shop Now’ or many others, but don’t forget to include this.

5# Take advantage of Facebook ads
The truth is, you’re not the only one who’s putting videos out there. And although they might catch the attention of your viewers, you want to reach a bigger crowd, which is when Facebook ad campaigns become your best friend. You can target a certain audience, and boost your posts so that they appear to people that are highly likely to want to see such content. You can tailor these ads according to interests, location or age, to get more local or global exposure.

6# Intriguing Thumbnails
Your video might be amazing, but if your thumbnail is plain black or boring, it won’t move the viewers to click on it. That’s why it’s equally important to create an attractive thumbnail that’s going to make them click on the play button. It’ should literally work like a magnet for the viewers. Attach a fascinating thumbnail, that doesn’t necessarily have to be click bait and you’ll literally have viewer on viewer clicking to see what the video is all about.

7# Create Based on Data
So, you’ve posted your first video and what now? Before you start rolling out new videos, visit Facebook Insights in order to see whether your new marketing strategy is working. You can get insight into valuable data that shows you how your audience reacts to certain type of content. You can even get into details like, how many views you had, for how long they kept watching and rates for every individual video you posted.
From then on, you can create your new video and tailor it to the data you collected. Always keep what your audience loved, and tailor the rest according what the data tells you.



Although social media marketing has worked great so far, based on images and interesting content, videos are making a huge difference. And with such a large audience present on Facebook, videos can only benefit your marketing strategy.



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