We have been writing a lot about Social media and Facebook, previously we posted 10 Facebook funny pages you must like to keep laughing this time we researched more and come out with 10 more funny pages on Facebook, we bring you only those pages which are regularly updated so that you don’t miss any.


1. Comedy 103.1

Comedy 103.1

Comedy 103.1 This page updates regularly about Funniest Viral Moments from across the Web.


2.  Shut Up! Cartoons

Shut Up! Cartoons

Shut Up! Cartoons  Yeah Cartoons are much funnier so shut up ! and watch them again because they are much funnier the second time.



HUGELOL HUGELOL This page has all funny memes and everything that can make you laugh.


4. Epic Vines

Epic Vines

Epic Vines This page keeps you entertained they always Post The Funniest, epic , Most Clever and best ever Vines.


5. The Fluffington Post

The Fluffington Post

The Fluffington Post Its all about cute kittens, puppies if you love animals and see them in action this page is must like for you.


6. Awkward Family Photos


Awkward Family Photos Now that’s really interesting too see how many of you would agree that we all have some awkward family photos.


7.  Cyanide & Happiness

Cyanide & Happiness

Cyanide & Happiness This page brings Comics on the Internet and make stories out them.


8. Comedy Central

comdey central

Comedy Central Official page for Comedy Central Tv channel.


9.  Dude Perfect

Dude PerfectDude Perfect Its about 5 best friends who became very popular on YouTube, this is their official page with regularly posted funny memes and pics.


10. Did you know ?

Did you knowDid you know  This page regularly posts very interesting facts you can see hilarious comments by page likers, get entertain and some laugh.

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