funny status facebookWant 100′s of likes and comments with every status you update? well we have something for you that your friends can’t resist liking and commenting. Our last 20 best Facebook status have been liked by many of Facebook users.


This time we thought to bring humor, this may be online [ one liner ]  funny status or few sentence long, scroll down have a peek at them.



I hate when I’m About to hug someone really sexy and my face hits the mirror.


Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can gp; they merely determine where you can start.


me: When I ask for the price of something & it turns out to be expensive, so I gotta act like thinking about It.


True: This is just Facebook, and not English class, but Damn can some of ya all at least type so we can understand what you are trying to say.


When butterflies fall in love do they feel people in their stomach?


I need a 6 month vacation twice a year! anyone else with me on this?


Every time I do something awesome, no one sees It. but if I something embarrassing, everything sees it


Dear sneeze, if you are gonna happen, happen. But don’t put a stupied look on my face and leave


What starts with “P” and ends with “ORN”? Popcorn – perv

bill gates mene

I’m a Victoria’s secret model. It’s juts a secret not even Victoria knows.


14, 000 people are having sex right now. 25, 000 are kissing. 50,000 are hugging. And you….. well you are reading this. Trus me, I’m not happy about it either.


The only hot action I get in the bedroom is when my laptop burns my thighs.


During the day, I don’t believe in ghost. At night, I’m a little more open-minded.


Some things are better left unsaid. But I’m probably gonna get drunk and say them anyway.


With great power comes great electricity bill.


If I am ever on life support, unplug me and backs in.. see if that works


I choose the road less traveled. Now, where the hell am I


Instead of saying LOL, I’m gonna say SALTS(smiled a little, and then stopped.) Its more truthful.


If you fall, I’ll be there – Floor


Nobody notices what I do..until I don’t do it again.

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