Nowadays, Twitter is one of the leading social network platforms in the entire marketplace. Twitter has become a great social network because it provides value and relevancy to its used. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is used whenever something new comes up.

Twitter users are extremely live-oriented, so most of the incredible news and major happenings will first be tweeted, and only then shared to other networks.

Being aware of this information, you can leverage this powerful social media channel to your own benefit. If you want your ideas and content to spread out, you must find a way to capture people’s attention.

When it comes to Twitter, headlines are the most important thing that is drawing people’s attention. These headlines can truly make a difference in traffic for a website and business. They can create trust, branding, and value – but only if used properly.

During today’s article, we’re going to talk about few important ways to create effective Twitter headlines. Pay attention and apply everything in your future tweets. You will notice the difference!

1.     Emphasize Problems, Needs, and Desires
Even though we’re talking about “twitter headlines”, we need to be aware that we’re mainly focusing on what people actually need. Most of the times, we have problems and issues that need to be immediately solved. We have burning desires, big goals, and many needs.




“How Falling Asleep Late Is Making You a Living-Dead Person”

“Untreated Feelings Are Causing These Powerful Diseases”

“How Emphatic People Draw More Success in Their Life”

These are very similar to article headlines, and they work as tweets as well. Think about your followers; what problems, needs, and desires do they have?

2.   How-To Titles Always Work
If you wonder what are the most popular forms of headlines, the answer is simple:how-tos. A headline that starts with “How-To” automatically gains the status of a tutorial, guide, or explanation. It’s meant to help someone with something, and it’s meant to do it fast.

Most of the times, how-to articles are found through search engines, as many people type “How to … problem x”.

Nowadays, most blogs and magazines are using this format in order to capture people’s attention. If you want to do the same with your Twitter database of followers, start crafting “how-to deadlines”.




“How to Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy for Your Blog”

“How to Get Slim in 30 Days”

“How to Eat Healthy while Living in the US”

3.   Involve Curiosity
People are curious beings. We love to learn new things, find out new information, and meet new people. We are so curious that sometimes it even hurts us indirectly. Twitter is a great place to spark curiosity, and here’s why:

First of all, when you see a tweet, you’ll see a headline and one or more shortened links. Those shortened links are keeping the “destination” secret, while the headline promises something worth observing.

Involve as much curiosity within your headlines, and you’ll notice a lot of new clicks each day.




“The Countries that Make It Easy for Millionaires”

“Why Dogs Can Never be as Smart as Pigs”

“Why Your Soul Mate May Never Arrive”

4.   Top “Bests” and “Worsts”
People are attracted to reading carefully selected information. Articles that contain “bests” and ‘worsts” are worthy of attention, as they give the impression that the writer has already done his homework on the topic. Readers just come and pick up the information – simple and fast.

Creating such headlines is always easy. If you have the proper content to link to, you can try something like this:

“Best 10 Ways to Make Your Life Easier”

“Top 23 Awful Mistakes You’re Doing in Your Life”

“Worst Things to Do While You’re Pregnant”

5.    Questions
Questions work really well, and they are also eye-catchy. When readers come across question headlines, their first tendency is to answer the question. Usually, they’ll have no clue what the answer is, so they’ll have to read in order to find out. Not a bad strategy after all!




“Who Is the Richest Man in 2017?”

“How Are You Going to Dress This Summer?”

“Are You Productive or Just Busy?”

6.   Numbers, Numbers, and Again Numbers
According to a study performed by Moz, article headlines that contain numbers are the most preferred by most demographics. It’s the same with Twitter headlines; after all, what you’re distributing is content just like the rest.

Because the competition is big, you have to try your best to come up with bigger numbers. We can now see long content pieces headlined “61 Ways to Boost Your Blog” or “33 Ways to Train Your Dog”.

If a reader really wants to learn about a topic, he’s most likely to choose a headline with a bigger number. Search engines are also encouraging longer forms of content by ranking these articles higher in the SERPs.




No matter what your purposes are, attracting your followers’ attention is always a good thing. When you post something, and no one cares about it, it’s just like something went to waste.

The thing with the phenomenal headlines…it comes with time and practice. Honestly, the more you write, the better you’ll write. And if you decide to make these good headlines a habit, you will swim in an ocean of benefits.



Author’s bio: Karen Dikson is a creative writer, and marketing expert at BestEssays writing service. Her works have been published on HuffingtonPost, BlogHer and other marketing and educational resources.  Connect with her via Twitter.

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