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There’s more to WeChat that is still hidden! A number of people prefer WeChat over Viber or WhatsApp-the reasons are simple; more interesting features that are cool and fun. WeChat can be used on phone and on desktop, it has this feature called “Moments”, you can share videos and photos and even post a status like Facebook.



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Cloud Storage of WeChat:

Some of you might not be aware that WeChat provides its users with 1GB free cloud storage per account. If you choose and add content to the option “Favorite”, it means you’re adding it to storage. The content you are allowed to add to storage includes images, videos, voice messages, in app messages, and almost anything that can be clicked on.
So, you can share any kind of file with any one from any device at any given time (when logged in). You can also use this “favorite” option for reminders. Things you cannot get out of the bed to scribble on a piece of paper or cannot document it on laptop-you can save it here in WeChat “Favorit”.


Shortcuts of WeChat:
WeChat has these handy shortcuts which can be used when in an urgency of something. Try them!

1> Add to Desktop Option—you can add official accounts and people you frequently get in touch with on desktop. Take the icons and put them on the home screen from where you can go straight to the chat.



2>  Quick Unfollow (Official Accounts) — You sometimes need to un-follow certain people. The option where “subscription” or “Service Account” is mentioned, you will simple need to hold down your finger on the profile picture and when a red delete icon appears, remove the account “app”.

3> Next Unread Message Option—by double tapping the chats in the main action bar, you can quickly jump to the next unread message.

4 > Send Option—it might not sound huge but if you have the option of sending message by just pressing “enter” then things become simpler. You can make the enter option available by going to “Settings>General>Choose the enter option” and you’re good to go.


5> Turning GIF’s into Stickers—On WeChat you are not limited and restricted to using the available stickers in Sticker Shop only. You can create your own (any GIF), convert the available ones and share (Downloaded or Shared).



6> Option of WeChat on Mac/PC—there are times when you don’t wish to use WeChat on your phone and your desktop might not be available; WeChat makes it very comfortable. You can sign in from any machine; all you will need to do is to simply scan the barcode shown on the screen for identity checks. You can exchange content (files, videos etc) between your phone and your PC. Other then voice messages and video messages, you can do everything on WeChat desktop version.

7> Text Only Moment Feature—Moment is photo feed feature in WeChat where you can share picture of (sun/night/food/flower etc.) anything with your contacts. You can even specify the group of people who can and cannot see the post. The hidden option in Moment is the option of “Text Only” feature. You can choose this option and your chosen people will still get to see and comment on the picture and it is geo-located as well. So far, this hidden feature has not been worked on and still has a lot holding for future.

Any app that becomes available in this app oriented tech-world only reaches peaks when it’s unique. For all those developers who have a plan of developing an app should get into the depths of the competitors work and see and explore the reasons why they are standing out or down falling. WeChat is becoming quite popular-it offers features which are unique and it still has hidden features for future. Stay with us for future updates on WeChat.


Author: Sani Abdul Jabar

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