revoke applications accessEvery time you log in to a third party app or a website with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account or invite friends from these accounts by doing this, you are giving certain rights to that application, like access your basic information (Includes photos, friend lists & profile info) date of birth etc.

If you feel that your account has been compromised by another app and you are seeing some changes how your account is behaving follow this guide to Revoke the access to your account.



(Revoke) Remove an Application Off Your Twitter Account


Log in to your Twitter account click on the account name on the top left near the tweet button and from drop down options select settings a new window related to your account settings appears from the left layout menu under account click on apps.

Here is the quick link to reach apps settings.

It will now display the list of apps which have access to your accounts on the right panel just click on revoke access that’s it.

revoke access twitter

Remove applications From Facebook account


Log in to Facebook account click on arrow icon on the top right usually the button where you click and log out find settings from the drop down on the new window find apps from the left layout menu.

Here is the quick link  to open Facebook apps tab.

Mouse over on the app you want to remove click on X icon.

rekove access from facebook A pop up box comes up check on delete your (apps name) activity then click on remove that’s it. (click on show all to view all the apps)

remove facebook apps

Remove applications access From Google account

Click here to direct access the settings and sign in with username and password, under Account Permissions you will see the apps that has access to your accounts.

To revoke access just select the app and click on revoke access button on the right.

google revoke accessA pop up dialog box appears asking for the confirmation just click on OK.

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