Change in era and advent in the technology outbursts outstanding user experience and out-of-the-box leverages, no matter whatever is the platform. Like other technology platforms, social media channels are making buzz with their tremendous and exciting features.


Akin to most trending social media channel; Facebook, Instagram has also made an exponential growth since its launch. The platform has fascinated and engaged over millions of visitors with its excellent visual perspective. It’s not about texting or voice calling, but a connection between world via photos and videos. It is capturing and helping people to see the world never seen before. The stats reflects over millions of photos sharing each day and its bank counted over billions images.


Now when Instagram is connecting millions with its striking features, why not expand and gain a renowned name. Yes! Here, we are talking about business people who spend hundreds and thousands for leading the marketplace. If you are also one among those, it’s time when you get smart with smart and digital world.


If you have pulled up your socks to step into the digital world of advertisement, make a knot of a few crucial things. The reason being, a plethora of businesses have spent thousands on Instagram ads, but there are only a few who earned a remarkable profit out of their investment. So, if you are not one of them who earned good or if you are new to Instagram, we can help you with some tips that can take you to the heights of success.


Ways You Can Make Instagram Ads Productive


#1: Keep eye on your competitors

Giving a competition is also not a piece of cake, till you do not know about your competitors. Researching on them will let you know about trending call-to-actions, type of ads and most engaging campaigns.


The best way would be following competitor’s Instagram account. Following them is not just enough, but also keep watching their campaign ads and user response to each one of them. It will help you creating your own highly engaging ads


#2: Shout Out Loud

Shout Out Loud

Yes! Reaching the audience is the primary target of Instagram stories. So, always keep in mind that you choose an image or video that captures user’s attention quickly. Do not ignore the fact that branding the company’s name and logo is also crucial, so choose prominent fonts.


The base fact is, your Instagram should be precise and attention-grabbing such that user look up to your product even if the ad disappears.


#3: Use ‘User-Generated Content’ (UGC)

When user will create their own content, it will definitely bring you more engagement. You heard it right! You can create surveys and forms to know their likes and dislikes. Their feedback will let you know about what they want out of the brand. Based on their feedback, you can offer them exactly what they want.


#4: Know your keywords and hashtags

Keywords and hashtags are also making buzz in the social media marketing world. Instagram has also not been untouched with the trend. Thus, it has become important that whether you use images, text or videos for Instagram ad stories, always use hashtags and prominent keyword. Equally, it is important that you list your ad under relevant category.


#5: Offer Discounts and Sales

Offer Discounts and Sales

Be it 5% or 50%, customers get attracted with the discount. No matter, they want to shop or not, but the discount and sales always grab customer’s attraction. They definitely browse on the products under sale and discount. So, while you create Instagram ad, keep updating and highlighting your stock with exciting discounts, sales and attractive offers.


The Baseline

There are thousands of Instagram ads floating all around you whenever you visit Instagram. But there are a few pinpoints that will take your business to the heights. So, it is important to mark such crucial tips before you create an ad else it would be worth spending money for no use.



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