Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most used social networking sites in the world. As per one research, Instagram is having 600 million users and thus, got the 3rd highest position in the list of most popular social networking sites in the world. Facebook and YouTube are still on the 1st and 2nd place respectively.


Unlike some of the other social applications, Instagram will provide a significant opportunity to use the application even in the offline mode. This feature will surely grab many users, even those who are in the low connectivity or no connectivity at all. Users can now use Instagram offline in android app and iOS, even when they are in some isolated places and don’t want to use the internet at all but want to save their beautiful moments for the future posts!


Hendri – the software engineer of Instagram (NY), declared some of the cool features of the offline mode in a presentation in F8. The updates of offline modes are fantastic.



To comment on some pics, we must have internet connection right? No, it is not compulsory after this update. That message – “Couldn’t post. Tap to retry” with red letters will not appear now onwards. You can type and send messages/comments anytime, even if you are offline. The app will automatically send the message when you will get the internet connection in the future. You will find one message like this – “You’re offline. Comments will be added when you’re connected.”



Same theory goes for likes too! Yes, currently, you are unable to like the pictures or medias if you are not online. But after this update, you can like all your favorite content in the offline mode with kind of the same message – “You’re offline. Comments will be added when you’re connected.”


‘Save’ option:


You can even save the media offline. Pictures or the videos, there will be no issues in preserving the media even you don’t have the internet connection.


Insta Feed:


In the standard version of Instagram, if we don’t have Wi-Fi or Data Connection and are trying to load the medias, Instagram stops working with the message of “couldn’t refresh the feed.” But after updating Instagram, we can load more media/pages in the offline mode too.


Visit the profiles:

You can revisit all the profiles you have visited before in the offline mode. You are getting the message of not refreshing the feed. But after the update, it can be possible to have a look at the pre-visited profiles.




If you don’t have the data connection and suddenly you decide to unfollow someone, now you have an option to take that action immediately. Go to Instagram and unfollow that fellow! When you do so, you will get a notification on the screen saying – “You won’t be following so and so person anymore when you’re online again.”


When we talk about the option ‘Follow’, how can we forget about followers? We all want our followers in huge amount. Especially, when you are a Diva or a Business Tycoon, it is must to have plenty of followers for the promotion of your business or showing your personality! If you want to increase your followers in Instagram, there are some Fiverr services to buy Instagram followers and links.



Apart from the above features, the extra taps like explore, activity, and even your own profile – you will be able to use any of these offline. Instagram is performing so well to keep all the variety of devices & networks connected and by following them, the people stay connected. The Insta team is planning to add this offline feature in the android and iOS soon. They are currently experimenting to the beta version of android.

Instagram wanted to provide an experience that doesn’t feel broken at times when an app has no connectivity. The idea of offline mode emerges from the data sensitive areas. Forget the Wi-Fi, many areas’ people do not have even some data cards to use, and if they have data cards, there are many issues regarding limited data connectivity.



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