windows apps screen shotWell we all know apps that we use everyday like Firefox,Microsoft office, adobe reader, vlc etc. But however there are application that are class apart gets lets attention but are incredibly helpful makes tasks easier. Would you ever worry about about loosing the copied text to clipboard ? but what if you loose some text which was very important and you suddenly lost while you copied an another text or you have restarted your computer will it stay ?

Lets get into this straight and discuss them briefly.

1. Driver Genius

driver genius

Driver Genius (Solve all your driver problems) Driver Genius is especially made to automatically search and update the drivers, but we are not talking about this feature here.

With Driver Genius you can quickly backup current working drivers to a zip file,
self extracting file or an independent executable auto installer program and save somewhere in the Usb drive or Dropbox. You no longer need install drivers one by one after rebuilding system. Just one click can install all your backed up drivers automatically. Driver Genius can save much time especially when installing drivers on multiple PC with the same hardware configuration.




2. Outertech Clipboard Historyoutertech clipboard historyIn a simple language Outertech clipboard History is a application which remembers the text which you copies in your clipboard, it can remember up-to 20 items.

It really a very useful tool and sometime it can save life.




3. Belarc Advisor: Belarc advisor is such a useful application that I can save your *** and you would be helpless by not knowing it and you will not even know when you needed it.

Belarc Advisor is an incredible tool that can find out all the serial keys and licences used by your operating system and program’s it can even find out the Ip addresses used by all the network devices and printers, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser.




4 WakeMe on Lan:

With Wakeme on Lan Turn on computers in a network remotely by sending Wake-on-LAN (WOL) packet to the remote computers.




5. Revo Uninstaller : We can easily remove any program’s simply by going through Control panel > program’s and features, but windows uninstaller program is not as powerful as Revo’s it cleans up registry and all the files from the installed drive.

Revo is most useful, when it is too difficult to remove a program from programs and features.




6. GreenCloud Printer:

greencloud printer

Environment friendly this program can remove unwanted pages from a document, combine pages per sheet of paper, can print to pdf.
You can directly print to Dropbox, Google Docs as a cloud Pdf printer and much more features.




7. KeePass Password Safe:


keeePass is a program were you can save your passwords safely, you can create Groups and save passwords, emails, usernames, password hints etc and secure them with one master key.

This program is excellent for those who often forgets their passwords or even for those who have a hub in internet with many accounts.




8. Unlocker: icon-ellipsis-horizontal Cannot delete a folder its being used by by another person or program. icon-Icons icon-comment

Have you ever experienced this ? then Unlocker is the solution get it right now and delete unnecessary files and folders.




9. ADW Cleaner : Getting whole lot of annoying Pop-ups in your browser ? Solution is right here Adw Cleaner but before that go through this post where gives a complete tutorial how to fight with those monsters its here. Download ADW Cleaner with the below link.




10. Puran file Recovery:

puran file Recovery

Shift Deleted a file and need it back ? Get Puran file recovery and quickly recover deleted or lost files scan the drive from were you have lost te file, the best feature it has is ability to edit and add unlimited file extension. example .gzip .tff .ini so there is more possibility of getting it back check deep option and run a deep scan if you doesnt get the file at first scan.




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